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8 Common Kissing Mistakes Couples Make

Kissing is one of the perfect ways to show your love and care for the one you love. Kissing your partner on a day to day basis will help your relationship to grow multi-fold. Kissing also helps to make your physical relationship a lot more interesting and by doing so, your connection will be stronger and better than before.

According to experts, couples should make it a habit to kiss at every little chance they get, but they should follow good and clean habits in this act. Many partners have the habit of using too much of tongue while kissing and this can make the other one feel sick and disgusted.

On the other hand, couples also have the habit of getting too touchy instead of focussing on just kissing and this little mistake can make one lose focus in the moment. To make your loved one comfortable while kissing it is important to skip some of these bad habits during the intimate act. Take a look at some of these disgusting kissing habits that you should quit immediately.

Please do share them with your partner too, if your unable to confront them with what disgusts you!


Not Checking Their Breath

Bad breath can be a real turn off,especially when it comes to intimacy. If you have bad breath it is time you did something about it.


Getting Touchy Too Soon

It is nice to take things slow and easy. So, don't make the mistake of jumping to the next level after that peck on the lips. This is one of the common kissing mistakes.


Too Much Of Tongue

One of the most common kissing mistakes is using your tongue at every chance you get. Try to avoid too much of that tongue action as it can be quite annoying.


Biting Habits

Biting your partner while kissing is a habit you should get rid of immediately. It is not only annoying, it is also quite harmful as you can hurt your partner.


Chapped & Bleeding Lips

No one likes to kiss those lips which are dry and chapped. It can get quite messy and uncomfortable too, especially when the lips begin to bleed during the act.


Those Wandering Eyes

When you kiss your partner, make sure that you kiss him or her with your eyes closed. Kissing with wandering eyes is disturbing and can kill the moment too.


That Slow Boring Kiss

Kissing your partner in a slow manner is one kissing mistake to avoid doing. This little act can be quite boring and annoying at the same time.

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