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Why Women Always Have A Backup Guy?

She is dating you, she seems to be in love with you. And you are feeling compelled to propose, but you fear you will break her heart. That is the story of every average guy who is seeing a girl for a long time. But when you look at this story from a different angle, you will get the girl's perspective as well. I am dating this guy who is really great and I hope that things will work out but if it doesn't, I have my backup guy to fall back on!

Women always have a backup boyfriend in mind even when they are in a serious relationship. This is mainly because they do not want to be left alone in case this relationship doesn't work out. Women have backup guys to ensure that they never feel 'unwanted' by men.

Typically, a backup guy is someone who is rich, well settled, from a good family and obviously someone her parents approve off. Usually, the backup boyfriend is either not blessed with good looks or doesn't have a very high IQ level. He could also be very boring.

So obviously, the backup guy is not a girl's first choice but he can be a convenient replacement for sure. In case she gets dumped by her current boyfriend, there is a ready-made boyfriend who will give her a shoulder to cry on. Here are some of the main reasons why women always have a backup guy.

Fear Of Loneliness
Some women are extremely scared of being left alone without a man in her life. It is not something that most women would like to admit, but it is true.

Dream Wedding
Every girl in the world starts planning her dream wedding from age ten. She also has a target age by which she has to get married. So if her first choice guy refuses to pop the question in time, she can still meet her wedding deadline with the backup guy.

Status Issues
What women want is that the right to dump guys be exclusively theirs. A girl can breakup with a guy, but if a guys dumps a girl, it becomes a status issue. That is why; women always have a backup boyfriend for a rainy day.

Depression Buster
Who has the time to waste on crying over a boyfriend who ditched you? That is why; having a ready-made second boyfriend or ex helps a girl to breakout of the depression mode immediately.

A Case Of Need
Women need someone to serve as their chauffeur cum bodyguard cum ATM after a breakup. The backup guy can fulfill all these duties in the interim period until they hook up with their next boyfriend.

Story first published: Monday, October 6, 2014, 15:13 [IST]
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