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Why Relationship With A Creative Person Never Works?

By A Mixed Nerve

Creative minds are rare and by virtue of their novelty, they never fit into the crowd of the mundane beings. Creative people are often very attractive because of their enigmatic personality. They have a magnetic power to pull people towards themselves due to their intelligence and depth of thought.

However, creative people also attract bad relationships. This is because, they are not cut out for regular relationships, which is why a relationship with a creative person is difficult to sustain.

You may be attracted to a creative genius and while you are at it, you may even enjoy the intensity of the relationship with an artist. However, it has been seen that creative people cannot sustain long and lasting relationships.

Here are some very obvious problems with being in a relationship with a creative person.

Whimsical & Moody

Most creative people swing between extremely upbeat and depressive moods. They can switch from being totally depressed to extremely happy. They expect their partner to understand these mood swings.

These expectations set by them for their partners is the reason for the relationship to turn sour at a later point. Partners normally don't understand it and thus this results in a bad relationship.

Too Intense

Creative people need intensity in their relationships. They need their partner to be totally into the relationship. They cannot settle for anything less than 100 percent. They dwell in the intensity of the relationship and when the intensity is anything below their natural range, they cannot settle for the same. This can give rise to many relationship problems.

Creative people are always intense and they want their relationship to be the same way.


Creative people cannot mix with everyone. Their affinity to solitude is more. They also have their own set of genius friends. They are often not very social. They cannot 'make friends' with their partner's buddies just for the heck of it. Even if they try to get along, they fail miserably at it.

Creative people have a thing for being alone and they enjoy circumstances of being in solitude. This gives their mind a start of thinking creatively.

Need A Muse

All creative minds need a muse to inspire them in their creative process. They often look upon their partner as their muse. And if their partner fails to inspire their creativity, they grow bored and claustrophobic in the relationship. This creates a difference in the relationship and it becomes difficult for the partner to stay.

No Stability

There is little or no stability or plans for a future when you are in a relationship with an artist. There is no stability in their financial conditions, as well as in their personal life. Finding stability in such a relationship is a waste of time.

Stability cannot be established in such relationships. Creative people cannot settle down and thus stability can never be achieved.

Hate To Be Restricted

Creative people do not like rules. They cannot be contained by the ordinary rules of a relationship. If they feel that they are being restricted, they can get very upset and even violent about it. They do not like the fact of being contained and if in a relationship they feel that, they'd end it.

Creative people love freedom in any and every form and they hate the fact of being controlled in the relationship.

These are some challenges of being in a relationship with a creative person. This does not mean that you cannot make it work with an artistic person. But you also need to have that creative streak in you to understand the uniqueness of an artist. Creative persons are the gems in the mine. Creative people, like everyone else, are humans and there will always be some positivity and negativity in them.

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