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Ways To Avoid FB Relationship Problems


Earlier, your relationship was a secret that only few friends and close family knew about. But now the whole world can read your Facebook relationship status. Naturally, you are opening up your relationship to many more threats in this way. That is why Facebook causes many relationship problems among couples.

Many couples also swear to the fact that Facebook can ruin relationships. So while you cannot hide from Facebook, you should handle your relationship carefully in the cyber world. We live virtual lives these days. So these virtual realities will also play a part in your relationships. Facebook can impact relationships in many indirect ways.


If you want to avoid relationship problems due to Facebook, then you have to tread carefully. First of all, think before you press the post button. And secondly, stop being a Facebook addict. The more you expose your relationship on Facebook, the greater your chances of ruining your relationship.

Here are some smart ways to keep Facebook related relationship problems at bay.


Limit The PDA

When you post the most intimate pictures of you and your partner on Facebook, the whole world will see it. Your partner may not be comfortable with this on account of his or her family.


Sexist Comments

Do not ‘like' or ‘share' sexist comments and jokes on Facebook. Your partner is bound to take it personally and treat it as an insult. You will end up having a bitter fight over it.


Don’t Make Fights Public

Never have a spat with your partner openly on Facebook. Your relationship problems are your personal affair. If you have a problem, talk to your partner in person.


Don’t Write Suggestive Posts

Facebook is a world of virtual reality. If you want to say something which only your partner can read, then a text message or email would be more appropriate.


Change/Hide Relationship Status

Many people have the annoying habit of changing their relationship status to ‘single' when they have fight with their partner. They quickly change it back to ‘committed' when they resolve the fight. Do you really have to be that whimsical?


Don’t Get Tagged In The Wrong Place

If you have been to an exotic bachelor's party with your friends, make sure you tell your friends not to tag you in the pictures. And do not tag locations unnecessarily as it makes the small lies we tell in relationships very apparent.


Friends & Family

When you are adding members of your partner's family or his/her friends, you need to be careful. How much personal information do you really want to share with them?


Have Less People On Your Friend List

Lesser the number of ‘friends' on Facebook, the better it is for you. Follow a thumb rule that you will add only those people on Facebook whom you know very well.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 7:03 [IST]
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