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5 Reasons Why People Stay Single


Why do people remain single? Ever questioned the reasons why people stay single? While many people feel good about being in a relationship, many others remain single as a matter of choice. But there are certain others who are single, not precisely by choice, but certain factors that contribute to their single status.

While religion and social systems have emphasised the importance of marriage, certain people choose to remain single throughout their life, while a few others end up remaining single due to a spate of reasons.


In today's society, although marriage will eventually happen, remaining single for long is because of a few reasons. Besides, elements such as stress, work pressure, uncertainty of life and unwarrantedly excessive focus on professional life have also been factors that can be blamed. This article speaks about reasons why people often stay single.

Here are 5 reasons why people stay single

Career focus:

It is almost like we are all in this cobweb of pressure and stress. Strain on the self is inevitable in this rat race, an unending competition to perform better than peers, sometimes even going to the extent of stepping on another's throat to gain an edge. The focus on one's career can sometimes go overboard, thereby leading him/her to disbelieve in the positives of being in a relationship. Owing to such an occurrence, people end up losing out in being in relationship or stay out of it as a matter of choice. Undue focus on career has also seen disruption of healthy relationships that have lasted quite some time.

The element of inflexibility:

This is one of the prime reasons why people stay single. Some people are just plain rigid. It is like as if rigidity goes on to define them as persons. Such people who cannot compromise on the smallest of things, those that can be immensely beneficial to people around them, rarely see themselves getting into a relationship. A certain degree of flexibility has to be inculcated.

Sharing emotions:

The essence of any relationship is complete unison with the better half. Sharing emotions, those that elucidate joy or sorrow, is important. Sometimes, people who don't usually share are also the ones who don't like people sharing emotions with them. Consummate unity can be achieved only when emotions are shared. So, people who don't resort to that don't usually see themselves in a healthy relationship. It is important to be open and expressive so that people understand the kind of person you are. Not sharing emotions remains one of the major reasons people often stay single


Ego is perhaps the biggest detriment to a lively and satisfying relationship. Egoistic people fail to understand the truth of something simply because their deep rooted ego makes them believe otherwise. They will perennially disagree with something even if it were the truth. Such people often find themselves single. Egotism is easily one of the major factors that cause people to remain single.

Moral restraints:

This is another important factor why people remain single. Moral restraints, especially those pertaining to sex, cause people to disallow a good relationship. Owing to their own actions, they consciously or subconsciously fail to appreciate relationships.

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