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Happy International Kissing Day! Why Kissing is Everything?

By A Mixed Nerve
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What kind of a relationship do you share with your partner? Is it based on lust or love? To some, every relationship needs to have a little bit of lust, only then it can work on the levels of intimacy. You might hold, cuddle and show affection to your partner, but how often do the two of you kiss?

Did you know that kissing is important in a relationship to help create that special spark of love? Kissing in a relationship will also help to keep you healthy in ways you cannot even imagine.

The reasons why kissing is important in a relationship is because it helps to bind the physical attraction to one. When a couple kisses, they exchange emotions which can sometimes not be expressed otherwise. Kissing in a relationship will draw a sort of secure feeling to each other and will also improve the intimacy in the love that you share.

If you want to know why is kissing important in a relationship, here are your top 9 reasons:

1. To Feel The Connection

The reason why kissing is important in a relationship is that it is one of the ways to feel the connection of two souls as one. The charm that it provides when the lips brush against the other, cannot be explained. Kissing is the first way to connect physically. The connection is real and blows you off in the first chance itself.

2. To Say I Love You

The ways to say "I love you" are many, but one of the main ways is by kissing and making the partner feel the love that you feel and have. The way you say "I love you" can be different and it is the way to hold the partner in the arms and kiss the way out. The projection of emotion in the eyes and the ways the lips move against each other speaks all about the love that the partners have for each other.

There are many ways to show your partner your love for them and kissing them passionately is one of the ways. Kissing is necessary for a relationship to show the other person, in a deep connection, your love for them.

3. It Strengthens Closeness

When you kiss your partner, there is a form of closeness which starts to grow in the relationship. You tend to become a lot closer to your partner than ever before. That way, you feel each other more and more when you kiss often. It makes the heart race as one.

4. It Builds An Emotional Attachment

Kissing builds an attachment of two bodies and two souls. The emotional connection that breathes in the moments of kissing builds up an emotional attachment between a couple. Kissing helps in gathering the hormones to act as a bridge for the connection of emotion. A single kiss can give you the pleasure of a hundred hugs.

The emotional attachment is a necessity in the relationship and when you kiss, the emotional attachment increases many folds.

5. Adds Intimacy

When you kiss, the intimacy between you and your partner increases. Intimacy is one of the main factors in building a relationship. It makes and breaks the relationship. Kissing helps in increasing the potency of intimacy in the relationship.

6. It Adds Romance

If you feel romance is dying in a relationship, all you got to do is find a moment to sparkle that love again. This moment is often kissing. A passionate kiss makes up for the missing romance. In relationships that lack romance, the practice of kissing always comes as a way to revive romance in between the couple.

7. It Works As A Stress Buster

We all have our stress due to various reasons. One of the mains reasons why kissing is important in a relationship is because it acts as a stress buster. All you need to do is hold the love of your life in your arms and passionately kiss him/her to take away all your stress. Kissing definitely is a stress buster when you are tensed or have a mind full of stress.

8. It Helps The Relationship Grow Stronger

Why kissing is so important in a relationship is because it helps the connection of the relationship to grow stronger. A kiss not only binds two mouths together but also two hearts of two individuals together. It makes you and your partner be more comfortable while being physical. Kissing makes you feel two souls as one.

9. It Helps In Sorting Issues

If you and your partner had a bad fight, makeup with a kiss. Who knows, a perfect and passionate kiss may just help you save your relationship! Kissing makes amendments between a couple. It is a form of apologising. It is also a form of making your partner happy. Kissing is a form of expressing what you feel for the partner right at that moment. Kissing in various kinds of emotions helps in sorting the problems in the relationship.

Kissing is indeed important in the relationship. One form of action showcases a variety of emotions.

Kissing is the cheapest mode of connection.

One kiss in the rain takes away all the pain. One kiss at night makes you sleep tight. One kiss early morning is a beautiful day in rising.

Kissing is therefore very important in any relationship.

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