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How To Date A Possessive Boyfriend?

By Pooja Kaushal

All of us are born with a set of inherent traits. Some of us pick up traits along the way. At other times, situations make us behave in a certain manner. Whatever be the condition, our character is moulded according to environment and inheritance.

Possessiveness is one such trait. All of us have it but in varying degrees. When it goes out of limits, it can be a cause of trouble for those around us. Have you ever been in a situation when you had wondered how to date a possessive man?

When you start dating a man, you slowly start getting vibes about his attitude and the manner in which he reacts to situations. Keeping in mind certain dating tips for women, look out for these signs of possessiveness. This may help you decide about the future of your relationship.

How to deal with the possessiveness

Possessiveness can be only one trait of an individual and you may have found many other positives in the man to date him. But too much of intrusion can be a little annoying. Try to figure out how to date a possessive man and think about taking your relationship to the next level. After all, attitudes can be changed. Either you become what he wants you to be or you help him get over his insecurities.

Understand him: It is possible that a certain incident in your boyfriend’s life made him become possessive. Try to understand him and the manner in which he has grown up. There must be something related to his life that makes him behave in a particular manner.

Talk to him: If you care for your boyfriend and want to continue your relationship with him, then help him get over his insecurities and fears. Talk to him and make conditions favourable for him to open up to you. It could be that he never found himself to be comfortable talking to someone about his feelings. Talking things out might just help him shed his possessiveness.

Share things with him:
When you know that your boyfriend is possessive, do not give him a chance to doubt you. Share your thoughts, ideas, whereabouts and plans with him. Involve him in the activities you enjoy doing and invite him into your world.

Assure him: When a man is possessive, he is also a little too doubtful about things. As dating tips for women having possessive boyfriends, it is important to assure your man about you being there for him. Also, leave no room for doubt in his mind regarding anything you do. A small doubt can be responsible for disastrous results.

It is true that when you consider the situation of how to date a possessive man, the picture looks a little too difficult to handle. However, there is no harm in giving it a try. However, if your man is way too possessive and not willing to budge, then it is time to raise your five fingers and wave goodbye.

Story first published: Thursday, October 2, 2014, 2:03 [IST]
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