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Classic Relationship Tips From Books


Fiction is a mirror to reality and as they say, great fiction is always inspired by reality. That is why relationship tips from books can serve to be really helpful in real life. All the classic love stories have something to teach us. If you read romantic fiction carefully, you will realise that every love story gives you a message.


All you have to do is take these relationship tips from the books and implement them in real life. Classic romantic stories are often about real people and thus the challenges that the lovers face are relevant to us. That is why, if you relate to a love story, you can use the situations in it to better your own love life.

Let us take the epic romantic novel, Pride And Prejudice as a case in point. There are several love stories running parallel in the plot. Each of these stories gives you some relevant advice to use in your own life.

Here is a list of some really helpful relationship tips from books that you can definitely use.


Pride And Prejudice

Play Hard To GetElizabeth Bennet gets the handsome hunk Darcy, his money and his gorgeous estate just by playing hard to get. So learn from her, girls!


Twilight Series

Girls Are MasochistsThe pain in loving the ‘bad' guy always attracts girls. So you must be the good ‘bad' guy to get your girl.


Sense And Sensibility

Patience Pays Off Impulsive decisions are made in infatuations. But ‘love' is more enduring and patient.


Fifty Shades

Don't Go Overboard, You Will Scare Her Guys, being attractively ‘bad' is fine; but don't be a monster. Physicality is a part of relationships but keep it strictly in the boundaries of ‘normal' intimacy.


P.S. I Love You

Being Funny Is A Bonus Your sense of humour will keep you in her heart, even when you are dead. Being a funny guy or girl always helps your relationships.


The Time Traveller’s Wife

Quality Time Can Make Up For Quantity Time They had little time together but they shared a lifetime in it. That is why quality time is the most important thing in a relationship.


The Notebook

Being There Is The Best You Can Do Sometimes, all you have to do is be there for your partner. Sticking by him or her in times of need might be the best way to work out a relationship.



Playing Matchmaker Is The Best Way To Get A Catch Emma keeps finding husbands for her ‘not so pretty' friends. But in the end, she gets the prize catch for herself!


Gone With The Wind

Challenge Keeps A Relationship Alive The ‘element' of challenge makes Scarlet O'Hara so irresistible to all men. So you must keep challenging each other to keep the flames alive.


Mansfield Park

Sometimes Love Stares At You In The Face But You Can't See It Soul mates need not travel millions of miles to find each other. Sometimes, your soul mate might be right in front of you and you never noticed him or her.


Anna Karenina

Self Doubt Kills Relationships Doubt is the worst thing for a relationship. Be it doubt towards your partner or yourself. Anna kills herself because she doubts her own love for Vronsky more than his for her.

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Story first published: Monday, February 17, 2014, 21:04 [IST]
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