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Is Your Relationship Causing Stress?


Our modern lifestyles are stressful. We are stressed due to work pressure, traffic jams, financial issues, a busy life and a million other things. However, there is one more pressure that haunts urban lives and that is the stress caused by relationships. Ideally love and relationships are supposed to release stress. But that does not always happen. If you are going through relationship problems or having regular fights with your partner, you would be going through relationship stress.

Stress caused by relationships is not like work pressure; you cant measure it. But the signs of this stress exists and can be easily identified. To help you cope with your relationship problems you need to identify these signs of stress.

Here are some signs show that you are under relationship stress.

Smoking After A Fight: Smokers claim that smoking cigarettes releases stress. If you light up a smoke just after a fight or during an argument, then it shows that you are stressed due to your relationship. You need to curb this habit.

Getting Drunk After A Fight: Drinking alcohol is another temporary way to relieve stress. If you or your partner have been binge drinking to evade your relationship problems then its time to buck up. Drinking will not reduce stress, it will only increase problems over time.

Driving Rashly: When couples fight while travelling in a car, it can be very dangerous. Rash driving is a side effect of arguments and relationship stress. Save your fights for later if you are in a car. Your fight can cause a life threatening distraction.

Persistent Bad Temper: If you are going through serious issues in your relationship, you will be perpetually ill-tempered. This ill-temper further affects your equation with your partner and also ruins your other relationships.

Refusal To Eat Food: Are you sleeping on empty stomach after having late night fights? Avoiding food due to emotional turmoil will only increase the stress in your life and your relationship. Make sure you eat dinner heartily together after every fight.

Lack Of Intimacy: When you are too stressed due to the fights in your relationship, it will take a toll on your love life. If you have not been intimate with your partner for over a month, it definitely means that you are under tremendous stress.

These are some glaring signs of stress in a relationship. Are there any other ways to detect stress in a relationship?

Story first published: Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 13:09 [IST]
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