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Say "I Love You" In Different Languages

By Sneha

Have you ever tried to say "I love you" in different languages. Honestly speaking there is no language of love. Sometimes two people who do not even understand each others language love each other deeply for their entire lives. But why not explore something new and try to express your feelings with a twist. Love has no bounds and knows no restrictions. Learn to say "I love you" in some of the most popular international languages and impress him/her.

Spanish- "Te quiero" is when you say "I love you" in Spanish. Take him/her out on a dinner and order a Spanish cuisine. But please don't get dressed in Spanish costumes for over the top special effects. Trust me that would really be weird. Things like this are really interesting and it will show your partner the efforts you are putting into the relationship.

Arabic- Want to go for the Arabic style to impress someone? Express your love in Arabic then. Before you say "I love you" in your own language say "Aham daki" to them. When they get totally confused open up and express your feelings. There is also an advantage regarding this as you can say it anywhere and before anyone. No one can probably grasp what you are saying until the language is known to them.

French- Have you ever tried to say "I love you" in French. If not then here it is, '' je t'aime ''. Meet your loved ones and greet them with these words. When you say the meaning of this magical words to them, they would really be impressed.

Italian- ''Ti amo, my sweetheart.'' it would be the loveliest thing that your loved ones would like to hear from you. ''Ti amo'' is actually Italian that translates to "I love you" in English. Italian is one of the most popular international languages and expressing your love in it would really bring out your romantic nature.

German- " Ich liebe sie" is what you should say when you want to propose in German. German style is very popular all over the globe. Moreover expressing your love in different languages is something very sweet. Your partner would love this gesture of yours and may be you would have the maximum chances of receiving a 'yes' in response to your proposal.

Chinese- The first thing that comes to mind of people as soon as you say ' Chinese' is food. There are many more things that can really be of interest. But here we will only concentrate on the aspects of love. Why not say ''I love you'' in Chinese. Say ''Wah ay ni'' to your partner and at the same time explain the meaning to him/her. See how it brings a smile to their faces.

Say ' I love you' in different languages as such and bring a glint of joy and laughter to your relationship.

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