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Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment?

By Sneha

Are you in a relationship for a long time and yet your partner is afraid of commitment? Well there are many sides to it. Many people are so obsessed with their freedom that they do not want to lose it by any means and hence, are afraid of commitment . For them getting into a relationship means the first step towards compromise and a life of sacrifices.

Let us look in to the reasons and possible solutions to such problems

Reasons: Well there are many reasons as to why a guy or a girl is afraid of commitment, some of them are listed below.

Loss Of Freedom and Personal Space: Some freedom freaks think that marriage means loss of freedom or personal space, and hence, they are afraid of commitment. Bringing some one into your house after marriage and staying with the same person in the same house before marriage are two different issues according to some people. They consider marriage to be a legal license of interference in their personal life.

Partner in Financial Issues: Many people, typically men, do not want to a share in their bank account with any one else. They believe marrying means bearing the expenses of their partner for ever. But guys, this is not at all true. For girls are as independent as you and are always ready to share the expenses of the household.

One Partner For Ever: Some people who have a flirtatious nature are afraid of commitment as that would ensure only one partner for a life time.

Ways To Deal With It:

Well there a very few ways by which you can turn such freedom freaks into real loving guys. But let us explore some real ways out of it.

Find Some One Else: Find some one who really loves you and cares for you. Leave the person who doesn't even bother to respect your feelings and commit to you.

Talk To your Partner: Talk to your partner about it and try to sort things out between you two. Listen and understand each others perspective. A cool headed talk about issues can resolve many bitter problems.

Think Of Good Times: Think of all the good times spent with your family members and friends and it shall soothe your mind. If you feel good you can talk good to your partner and confront him/her about your problems.

Everyone faces problems in their life, may be you do too regarding commitment issues. Follow out simple ways of finding a path to happiness in life.

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Story first published: Monday, June 4, 2012, 17:39 [IST]
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