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Does Gandhism Help In Relationships?

By Sneha

Many a times hot quarrel breaks out between the partners. And it is only after the submission of one that there is peace in the relationship. So, you might say that submission and non-violence in a way helps to solve relationship conflicts. But everything has a good and bad side of its own. This Gandhi Jayanti, lets see a check list as to why Gandhism at times can be both good and bad.

Solves Conflicts- Gandhian policy teaches us to be patient and non-violent. And at times this policy brings great peace in a relationship. In fact adapting a Gandhian policy is one of the best things to do in order to bring a heated discussion to a calm. For example if you keep surrendering to the wishes of your partner then for obvious reasons there shall be no more conflicts. This is one of the best relationship tips to vouch for.

Dominates- As I said, that Gandhian policy can be both good and bad, If you keep surrendering then your partner is sure to dominate you. When someone finds that you are unconditionally surrendering to their whims and fancies, then they are obvious to take advantage of the same. There will be a growing tendency to dominate and you will be the sufferer. Hence to avoid such circumstances you must sometimes give up the Gandhian policy and express what your desires are.

No Wish Fulfillment- Every person has a desire different from the other. So, when you adapt a Gandhian philosophy in life then you barely get to go for your own dreams and aspirations. And compromises can never bring happiness in a relationship on a long term basis. This is one of the relationship tips that you should always bear in mind. If your partner has a benevolent attitude towards you, that does not mean that you will take its undue advantage. Just give them their own space and let the relationship prosper.

Improves Understanding- When you adapt a Gandhian attitude toward your relationship and partner then it improves the understanding between you two. You give each other some relaxation through which you can probably understand each other better.

Keep these relationship tips in mind this Gandhi Jayanti and give efforts to make your relationship a better one.

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