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Will He Marry You?

Will he marry you or not? If you cannot be sure of that in relationship then the going can get tough. You might want to marry your boyfriend eventually but it is absolutely essential to know if your boyfriend is contemplating marriage. Other wise you will be waiting for him to pop the question while you could tactfully get him to marry you.

If He Want To Marry You...

You have to first try to find out if he is already willing to marry you. While trying to gauge if he will marry you, to have to make note of certain things.

  • Firstly, if he introduces you to his family, then he will marry you or at least he plans to. That makes things much easier for you once his family knows about you. If they approve of you then even better.
  • If your boyfriend has marriage on his mind then he will drop hints to you. You have to realize that even he is unsure of what you want. To test your temperament he may point out a happy couple with two kids and say, 'That will us 5 years from now'. Your reaction to such comments is a determining factor to get him to marry you. Be alert and pick up the hints.
  • If he wants you to hang out with his friends then your boyfriend has marriage on the cards. When you hang out with his friends, you become a part of his social circle. He will take that effort only if he will marry you. So the more common friend you have, the better it is for your relationship.

How To Get Him To Marry You?

If you are desperate to marry your boyfriend then the following measures will help you hook him forever.

  • Gently insist that he introduce you to his family. If you find him reluctant introduce him to you family first. This might clear his hesitation. But if it doesn't then he is not sure about you. Give him time but don't wait forever. Nobody is worth it?
  • Listen to him carefully when he is sharing something personal. Men guard their emotions vigilantly. You have to look for weak moments and slide you way into his private self. If you want to get him to marry you then don't try to 'force' your way because you may alarm him; that will make him recoil.
  • Women change plans after marriage. You may want to settle down, buy a house and have kids. But remember that for men it is all about preserving their life before marriage. They want to change as little as possible. If you suggest too many changes, it might give him cold feet. Try to make him believe that he will be in his comfort zone even if you are married.

Love, relationships and marriage form a weirdly connected triangle. If you get the proportions right then your triangle like your life will be perfect.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 18:32 [IST]
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