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'Types Of Women', Men Find Hard To Resist!

By Super Admin

Women can get picky when it comes to a man and when talking about romance and relationship, 'she' chooses one whom she is comparatively the best with. On one hand, men are also choosy when 'he' finds someone attractive, well to do and suited for him.

Therefore, here is a detailed note on what type of women, men definitely cannot resist.

Affectionate Type - What men want is to be looked after and to be loved unconditionally from their lady love. Men thrive for attention at times when it comes to their partner. There are some type of men who wants their woman to be the one he can turn to at all times. These type of women are ideal for men who are sensitive towards life.

Motherly type – It is said that when it comes to the ideal age of a man getting married, men look for a type of woman who has homely virtues. What men want is for their lady love to have the crave of wanting his child and raising a family with him and the type of woman who is responsible and matured.

Master In the Kitchen- A well known saying, 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'. In our Indian society, it is a must for all women to coach up in cooking classes. What men want is for their partner to be well versed with the food they love and if she is the best cook for him, then his world is complete!

Best Friend – The type of women, all men desire in their walk of life. If your lady love, understands you and praises you when it is right and is there for you when you need someone to talk to , it is very much the best feeling, ever for a man. Men at times claim to say that a woman cannot understand and relate to their mind, but a handful of men believe it is a woman who can solve their problem and alas draw a smile on their face. What men want in their life partner is a best friend, wouldn't you agree?

Economic Alerts – These days, though men are highly paid than women, they look for that type of women who will help them save on their finances. Most men are known to be spendthrifts and women the 'money keepers', therefore if a man if looking to buy something worth in the future, he feels that their lady will help them make those dreams come true as she is good in dealing with money related issues.

So, after all this you would definitely see that the 'hand which rocks the cradle rules the world' and therefore these are some type of women which men find hard to resist.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2011, 16:25 [IST]
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