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How To Manage Love At Office?

Nearly, 25 - 40 American professionals have agreed on having an office romance. Most of the people report to have problems with their managers romancing their reporting staff and the following consequences. But the big question of the day is that are the office love and romance successful?. Today, we shall discuss on how to manage love at office (workplace) to get successful with the workplace relationship. Take a look..

Managing Love At Office -

1. May be it is nice to romance your boss at the coffee table but see to it that it doesn't disturb your fellow colleague. If you have chose to get close to your boss or fellow colleague do not use it for wrong reasons.

2. Never use love to climb the ladder of success as it may pull you down anytime. Your love story is restricted outside the office and not brought between work..

3. Do not get into office romance as it may disturb the environment of the office. Never hint your affair to any colleague.

4. In office love and romance, there is always the issue of favoritism. Say, you have an affair with your boss and although you are been judged by performance and offered an assignment it is always assumed to have happened because of your romantic relationship. This way it becomes difficult even for the boss as he has to overcompensate his decisions.

5. In most of the offices, the married couple are not allowed in the same workplace so why unecessarily handle relationship with work. If you are serious about love, decide on future and plan. Sever the romantic relationship at workplace so that it doesn't affect your career. Get the change of reporting relationship so that your fellow colleagues won't have a problem with you working else where. Also talk to your Human Resource department, seek their professional advice so that they can't legally jeopardize you.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 18, 2011, 16:38 [IST]
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