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Does Love Have A Set Formula For Success?

Do relationships of love have set formulas. If they do then what are they. Is it possible to say that I will fall in love with a guy who is exactly 5 years elder to me, earns exactly 10 grands more than me and owns a 2 bedroom apartment? If that person does not fall under this love equation then he is out of the league. What really determines the compatibility of a couple? Does it really work like that? Well for certain things it does. You will be be surprised to know that some very mechanical formulas for love exist.

Love Formulas Necessary For A Relationship To Work:

1. Financial Background: People who come from two extreme ends of the social hierarchy cannot really be expected to strike a love equation. Imagine a millionaire romancing a house maid! Not that it is without precedent. But do such love formulas really work? Often such relationships are exploitative and not genuine. Even if they are not technically exploitative it always make the financially weaker partner feel inferior. The other way round it makes the richer partner feel 'used'.

2. Cultural Diversity: Renowned writer Chetan Bhagat has written his book 'Two States' on this subject. He says in a brilliant quote that after you are done convincing both parties with all your might 'you wonder is there is any love left'. It rings absolutely true for relationships where both partners belong to different cultures. The love issues of conflict begin with how to get married and ends with to which hell will our children go. If it is a inter-religion marriage matter are worse. All the customs, traditions, festivals are different and sometimes contradictory. For instance: Holi is a Hindu festival that falls during the period of Lent when Christians are forbidden to celebrate.

3. Professional Incompatibility: This means different things to different people. Some people say that people belonging to the same profession strike great love equations. While others say that it is the worst idea ever! You must have heard many people say that doctors should marry doctors for a compatible relationship. They would be able to understand each others problems, work hours etc better. They can discuss things with each other. On the opposing view point it is believed that being in the same profession can give rise jealousy among couples. Take the example of Kareena kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. Many sources have said that the problem in their relationship was that Kareena was more successful than Shahid and that led to the break up. It is not like compatible couples in the same profession don't exist. Look at Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan. They are happily married because they are equally successful. So the factor of 'success' becomes very important here because such well matched couples are rare.

Love formulas work for some and don't for others. At any rate you must prevent your love life from becoming so typical while sticking to the basic rules.

Story first published: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 12:33 [IST]
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