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Facebook Causes Dating Hurdles

To find love, many of us turn to these social networking sites which have become the major topic in town, like Facebook and Orkut for instance. The most important thing is that these social networking sites have options so that you can upload your status either as single, married, engaged, widowed, in a relationship, separated etc.
The more options that has been provided has caused a huge stir in many relationships and dating, because according to sources many couples have had rigid fights in the past as well as in the present due to this social networking site, Facebook.

Apart from all this many Facebook users believe that this social networking site has affected dating in various ways where the couples feel that over analyzing drives one insane, when you change your status everyone comes to know about it and thus creates the chance for the whole world to know what is happening in your love life, if it is your fault you called off the relationship you get to see all the attention on your ex and sympathy through the comments on the status, internal hatred begins to grow and thus makes this social networking site a complete wrong influence on dating.

Facebook and Orkut has become so fast paced that romantic relationships face a lot of pressure when the couple is no longer together. A survey which was conducted recently showed that most of the couples who are dating are friends with their former flames thus resulting in a huge stir with their present relationships as we generally see that jealously begins to thrive sooner or later in the relationship and this is because the boy or girl will frequently look into her/his ex profile to see if his/ her relationship status says something new.

This comes to a conclusion that Facebook and Orkut is not good for romance, love life and dating as it surely creates a lot of love hurdles.

Story first published: Thursday, January 27, 2011, 12:59 [IST]