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Does Age Gap Matter?

By Super Admin

Age Difference in a relationship, is it important?

Is it one of the basic questions youngsters ask themselves before they commit to another person?

In today's world, youngsters are not worried about that age difference for according to them, 'its just a number'! When asked a few friends on what they think of the age when it comes to dating, the only thing that came to their mind was that if the woman is older to the man, he learns to become more matured. Whereas if she is younger to him, in other words if he is quite older to her say 6 to 7 years older there are chances for the relationship to grow deeper and always have a brand new start to each day for it is believed that young women dating older men helps to make the relationship more lively in terms of being bubbly and well versed with the 'modern' – 'hip hop' world.

Age difference, when it comes to dating can be dicey though, because there are times when the relationship lacks trust and more importantly understanding. You may wonder why it lacks trust. It is because there is always a fear in either the man or the woman's head that their partner will fall for someone who is of their age in respect to having a more level type of life. Therefore there are chances of this leading to grave misunderstandings in petite situations!

To avoid all these scars in the relationship the best advice is to never think of the age in dating as it will always be a hindrance when it comes to loving your partner. Love is blind, they say, but when it comes to age difference in relationships, they usually are blind for all they see is true love and nothing else, a good thing indeed!

So, in conclusion, do you think that age difference in a relationship is important?

Story first published: Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 12:57 [IST]
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