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Devdas In Love Part I

By Super
Sarat Chandra Chatterjee created a beautiful masterpiece, about a man hell bent on self-destruction. It was the year 1917, when he wrote the historic novel 'Devdas'. The story went on to be romanced by the camera several times over, as the public could not get enough of the tragic tale of a lover who loses and punishes himself to death. The all new concept of the 'anti-hero' was born.

While the original story has undergone various rigorous remakes, it stands the risk of being adulterated, with the main essence loosing its true lusture. The latest to hit the celluloid screen was the Sanjay Leela Bhansali's version of Devdas in the year 2002. It was an extravagant tale created in lavish sets, glamorous costumes and a dream-like cinematography. Sadly the story was lost, or at least, as stated earlier, it's essence was lost. Devdas is precisely, not a love story at all.

The enduring tale of Devdas and his love for his childhood sweetheart Paro, the loss which eventually leads to his disaster is the ultimate story. The youth of the post-Independence (when the story caught popularity) could related to its rebellious nature. However, though, the tug-of-war between innocence and ego was caught in the love between Devdas and Paro, the psychology of the main character was completely ignored.

Devdas did not necessarily love Paro, he merely hated his father more. He was the man of the 'Colonial-era' who faced the inner war between the desire to 'be himself' and the attempt to 'become what was expected of him'. He was brought up in a strict Bengali upper-class home, where his father constantly imposed the little Devdas with punishments for his naughty pranks and behavior. He shared a loving relationship with his mother and spend growing up years with playmate Parvati. Later on Devdas is packed off to Kolkata for a better education, or as his father believed, the right place to 'set his son right'. This was against the boy's will as he was separated from his mother and childhood friend Paro.

The story unfolds a tale of a feeble man who could not claim his love as it was against the social norms of the time, keeping in mind his family's decision. Neither could he lead a life that his family had 'idealized' for him. He wishes both domination and submission.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 17:42 [IST]
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