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12 Things To Expect When Dating A January Born

January is the month when people make various resolutions for the year and look forward to making a new start. Those who are born in this month are not only the elder than other children of the same age group but are also born to lead. So, if you are dating someone who was born in the month of January, then you can expect these 12 things. Scroll down to read.

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1. You Are Dating A Born Leader

First things first, you need to understand that you are dating someone who is born with leadership qualities and loves to lead. At times, your partner will tell you what to do and what not to. You don't have to get upset with this as he or she has no intention of controlling you. In fact, your partner wants to save you from any mishappening and perhaps that's why he or she gives you various opinions.


2. You Have Someone To Make You Laugh All The Time

People born in the month of January are known to have a good sense of humour. You will never have a gloomy moment as you have someone who is witty. Your partner will not only crack jokes but will also act funny and come up with some spontaneous things. They are good at sarcasm too. People might perceive him or her as a rude person, but you need to understand that it is their way of behaving and they can't help it.


3. Your Partner Always Has A Firm Determination

January borns are quite determined for achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams. Instead of being an emotional fool, you will find that your partner prefers to chase his or her dreams and make the best out of his or her skills. If you are dating a January born, you will agree that once your partner makes his or her mind, nothing can change the decision. He or she will stay firm and determined.


4. You Will Have Someone Who Is Mentally Young

While you are dating a January born, you won't deny that he or she is still a kid at heart and is probably reverse aging. You might have noticed that he or she is a mature person with lots of positive energy and innocence which is quite similar to that of a kid. As your partner goes on enjoying life, you will hardly find them look a day older than 20. Perhaps being a kid at heart is their secret behind their youthful appearance.


5. You Won't Be Bothered By Your Partner

January born love to do things on their own. So, if you are dating a January born, you won't be ever bothered

Your partner will hardly ask you to solve his or her problems. Instead, they will make sure to tackle the problem and make things fall in the right place.

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6. You'll Get To Enjoy Numerous Parties

Dating a January born means enjoying parties to the fullest. Even if you are not good at dancing, you can always enjoy watching your partner dancing his or her heart out at parties. Even if your partner is tired after a hectic day, he or she will never say no to a party.


7. You Will Always Get Your Dose Of Motivation

January born are quite charismatic that people around them always feel inspired and motivated. You will get a good dose of motivation when feeling demotivated and dull in life. Your January born partner will make sure you are not left behind in life and make the best out of whatever you do. You will always find him or her filled with a high level of enthusiasm.


8. You Are Dating A Passionate Lover Who Isn't Expressive

If you are the kind of person who expects your partner to express love, you'll be disappointed. January borns are not so expressive when it comes to love and relationships, but it doesn't mean that he or she doesn't love you. You need to make your partner feel comfortable in the relationship. Once he or she is comfortable, you will get to see him or her as a passionate lover.


9. Your Mind Games Won't Work

At times, people think that it is okay to play games with their partner or do something to make them feel jealous. If you are in the same category, you must understand that your partner is too intelligent to sense your intentions and won't fall into your trap. It is useless to play any mind games with him or her.


10. You Are Dating Someone Who Has A Practical Approach

January borns are not like any naive lover who will go blind in love. In fact, your partner will have opinions and thoughts that are quite rational and eccentric. Even if both of your thoughts contradict each other, you will find your partner with some strong opinions to support his or her thinking and perspective. In addition to this, your partner will look forward to things that actually matter in life and would keep their emotions at bay while making some important life decisions.


11. You Won't Have A Hard Time

Due to the leadership quality and a high level of motivation in your January born partner, you might think that you will have a hard time with him or her. But this is not true. You will be surprised to see your partner's easy to adapt to nature and the way he or she moulds to a particular situation. In fact, you will love his or her quality to analyse and act according to the situation.

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12. You Will Have To Support Their Crazy Ideas

If you are someone who is never into something super crazy and spontaneous then buck up as your partner is the opposite of you. He or she will always drag you into something really crazy that can surely blow up your mind. At times you will be surprised to see your partner's crazy side and even if you deny a hundred times, you will have to participate in every crazy act that your partner comes up with.

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