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Happy Parents’ Day 2022: Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings and WhatsApp Status

Parents are not just the pillars of emotional support that you lean on from time to time. They provide you with the lifestyle that you deserve and dream of by giving you the right education, which is a major milestone in your intellectual development. A good education leads to a rewarding career and in turn, makes the children useful and responsible citizens of society. Every year, 24 July marks National Parents' Day in India.

No worldly comfort matches the comfort of a mother's loving lap. Parents have a visionary role to play in the lives of children. It is true that happy parents raise happy children. Children go through several stages of development at the physical intellectual emotional and social levels due to parental guidance and support.

Parenting is a continuous never-ending process and your children need you in a subtle way even when they are older adults. Once you are signed up as a parent, you have no option but to wade through the waters till you reach the shores. Put in your best efforts and continue to do it, all through your life.

The experience is rewarding in itself, as it completes you from all angles. Parents and kids share a symbiotic relationship. We have compiled together a few quotes for you to celebrate the spirit and passion involved in the parenting process. Read on!

1. You showed me how, through parenting, you can complete yourself and evolve to perfection. Wish you happy and rewarding time this Parents' Day and always.

2. From you, I learnt to love unconditionally, to forgive easily and sacrifice wholeheartedly. I offer my prayers and gratitude to you on this Parents' Day for imparting these lessons.

3. I have been walking in your footsteps that never seem to fade at any point. Keep going strong, and that is my ardent wish for you on the Parents' Day.
4. "Happy memories, are all the gifts and legacy that you will leave with us. Let the Parents' Day spell just that for you both.

5. "Be it sunshine or rain, moments of agony or ecstasy, a life of ease or hardships, your loving spirit showed up consistently, and this is your legacy that we cherish till we last. This will be remembered at all times, especially on Parents' Day.

6. You taught me everything not by principles, but by example. Let this serve as guidance throughout our lives, especially on Parents' Day.

7. A parent's prayer surpasses the beauty of epic poetry and the magnitude of expectations." Wish you a wish-fulfilling Parents' Day.

8. You taught me how to think and not what to think. May your wishes be fulfilled this Parents' Day.

9. I believe in myself because you believed in me. I have no words but I have only good wishes for you on Parents' Day 2022.

10. "Although your love for me was divided with my sibling, your love was whole and never scattered. May you receive love and peace in abundance always. Happy Parents' Day 2022!

11. Your love is the only one that is unconditional, selfless and forgiving. You deserve a heartfelt token of gratitude on this Parents' Day.

12. Parental love endures, sustains, and does not let heartbreak and disappointment limit it. Gratitude wells from deep inside, towards you on this Parents' Day for setting an example for me.
13. I never knew the extent of your love till I became a parent myself. Happy Parents' Day 2022.

14. I would not complain about what you could not provide me. It was probably all you had. There cannot be a better moment than a Parents' Day to thank you for all the support and sacrifice.

15. You are my parents both by birth and by choice. My heartfelt gratitude to you both on this Parents' Day for being the true warriors of life.

16. You belong to the rare breed of parents that put their child above their selfish needs and wants. Accept my gratitude, good wishes, and love on this Parents' Day.

17. I inherited the power of self-confidence, a belief in human will and enterprise and a strong value system that let me be equanimous in life. Thanks for showing me the way towards emotional independence. Wish you freedom from all the pains and cares of life, this Parents' Day.

18. God gave me both happy and sad moments. But you strove all your life to give me only happy moments. Between you and God, I prefer you. Happy Parents' Day to the lovely twosome!

19. I learnt to smile and be happy always because of you. May you leave behind all your past baggage and march forward with pride. Happy Parents' Day to you!

20. Father's Day and Mother's Day are not enough for me to express my love towards my wonderful parents. A Joyous and meaningful Parents' Day to both of you.

21. I asked God to be with me always. But he had the entire cosmos to look after. So, he gave you to me. Happy Parents' Day!

22. You are the reason why I became a passionate woman, a loving wife, a strong mother and a loyal daughter. Wish you a relaxed and restful Parents' Day.

23. I have never taken any compliments to heart because I knew it was you who deserved them. Wishing you happiness and cheer on the Parents' Day.

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