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Why People Prefer Emotionally Intelligent Partners For Long-Term Relationships

Emotional intelligence (EI) is important for thinking, feeling, decision making, learning and problem-solving. According to a study published in the journal Behavioral Sciences, EI is the capacity to recognise and understand emotions and also use them positively in communication, empathy, problem-solving and conflict management. [1]

In some individuals, emotional intelligence is an inborn trait, while in many, it is learned and strengthened. No matter what the case is, people with high EI are always preferred, be it at work or in a relationship.

People who seek long-term relationships are highly picky when it comes to their partners. They prefer dating those who are emotionally intelligent; someone who understands us on a deeper level and is responsible enough to hold down a job, be responsible for children and maintain the relationship.

Here are a few reasons why emotionally intelligent partners are the best.

1. Practice Mindful Living

Mindful living means having full control over our words, thoughts and actions to ensure a happy life. Emotionally intelligent people live their lives as if every day brings new blessings and lessons to be learned. They do not have the mindset to just make it through the hard days, but live them completely and make every second count.

2. Have Excellent Communication Skills

A study talks about the relationship between EI and the effectiveness of communication. [2] It says that emotionally intelligent people are great when it comes to communication. They value diversity which is why they know how to communicate better in a relationship and solve problems.

3. Active Listeners

People with EI are also active listeners. They have the ears, and of course, the interest to listen to their partner and understand their needs. They never ignore the words of their partner intentionally and hear them out all the time.

4. Do Not Quit

Emotionally intelligent people are goal-oriented and do not have the ability to "quit" until they achieve their objective. They won't give up easily when facing obstacles and try to tackle them effectively.

5. Know When To Say No

People with EI are tenacious and tough. They are aware of their ability to refuse requests when they do not want them or have objections. They are also empathetic toward others as much as toward themselves.

6. Understand Boundaries

A relationship lives long when there are certain boundaries. Emotionally intelligent people know what the boundaries are and how not to cross them to prevent conflict. They also have the capability to recognise and respect boundaries.

7. Know When To Compromise

Being aware of the ups and downs in a relationship is important. People with EI are aware of their will and, if required, how to compromise them a bit to find harmony. These people are most likely to resolve fights before they get massive.

8. They Are Loyal

People with emotional intelligence never start a relationship they don't plan to stay in. They consider relationships as commitments and stay loyal to their partners. They are also respectful towards their partners.

9. Don't Make False Promises

Emotionally intelligent people always stand by their words and never make promises that they cannot fulfil. They understand what promises mean in relationships and try to keep them.

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