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9 Interesting Online Dating Questions You Can Ask A Woman

When it comes to dating, some men may have doubts about how to approach women. No matter if it's a traditional or online dating, texting someone in the first place can send chills down your spine. You may feel the urge to find out what kind of things you should ask a woman, especially on an online dating platform. There are men who end up asking some bizarre questions that may offend and/or annoy a girl.

We are sure that even in your wildest dream, you may not want to ruin the things at the beginning itself. After all, what if she is going to be your other half? Therefore, we are here with some interesting questions that you can ask a girl on an online dating platform.

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1. Do You Like Watching Movies?

It will be a great idea to ask her on a movie date, don't you think? But, before that, you need to know if she loves watching movies or not? If she is interested in watching movies, then you need to find out about her genre. Such as if she is interested in watching commercial, romantic or thriller movies? You both can also discuss each other's favourite movies and other aspects of the movie. Not only this, but you can also talk about your favourite film-stars.

2. Do You Like Pets?

Pets are no doubt one of the adorable beings on this planet. Even if you are in a bad mood, your pet can fix your mood and make you feel happy. But does she think the same? The best way to find this is to ask her if she loves pets? If yes, then you can ask her what are your favourite pet animals. You can then later offer her to come along to an animal shelter house.

3. Are You Fond Of Hills Or Beaches?

This can be a nice way to initiate an engaging conversation with the girl you just met on the online dating platform. This question will never annoy her, in fact, she will be interested in talking more with you. If you find her taking interest in discussing the hills and mountains, beaches or her trips to similar places, you can think of sharing some of your experiences with her and ask her if she will like to join you on your next trip?

4. Do You Want To Tell Me About Your Interests?

You will hardly come across someone who has the same interest as you. But won't it be a great idea to find a common ground between you and your partner? Before both of you meet in person, you can try to find the interest of the girl you just met online. Such as both of you may like cooking, dancing or reading books. So when you find something similar, you may be able to build a strong bond with each other.

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5. What Does A Day Spent Well, Mean To You?

If you want to know her even more, then go ahead and ask her how she likes to spend her day or what is a perfect day for her. This question will not only give you a rough idea about her personality but will also make her feel happy. This is because she may dream about her perfect day and will tell you about things she will like to do in a day. Moreover, you will be able to know if both of you have the same definition of living life

6. Are You Interested In Sports?

If you are someone who thinks girls don't enjoy sports, then you are certainly wrong. They too enjoy sports and are fond of participating in it. You can start by asking if she is interested in sports? Later you can ask about her favourite sports and the sportsperson she admires.

7. What Makes You Extremely Happy?

This question can be of great help to you. By knowing what makes her happy, you can think of impressing her by doing the same things and developing a strong bond with her. Such as she may find nature to be the factor that makes her feel extremely happy. You can make some plans to spend some time with her in the lap of nature. This will surely help you to make a great start to your relationship.

8. What Is Your Idea Of A Nice Vacation?

This is another interesting question that you can ask a girl on the online dating platform. She may feel quite happy to answer this. Also, she may share some of her experiences with you. You too can share yours and discuss the place you have been so far. Moreover, if you are planning to go on a vacation in the nearby future, you can ask her to come along. But remember not to force her to come along.

9. What will You Do, If You Won A Lottery?

This indeed can be a funny and unique question to ask a girl. But you can surely ask this question to her on the online dating platform, provided both of you have already had an engaging conversation. She may come up with some crazy ideas and so can you. You don't have to be serious, instead, you can try to be a bit funny while sharing your plans if you win a lottery.

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These above-mentioned questions will no doubt make your conversation interesting and engaging. Once you are able to build a nice impression, who knows you may get a chance to meet her in-person over a cup of coffee.

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