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Zombie-ing: Know About This New Dating Trend

How would you feel if someone entered your life to make you feel special and then cut off all sorts of connections without any explanation? You would definitely feel dejected and left out. You may feel that the person should have at least stated the reason for the sudden exit from your life. This is what we call ghosting. A person is said to have ghosted you when he/she disappears from your life without giving any reason.

To be honest, being ghosted by someone can really hurt your emotions. But do you know what's more disappointing than ghosting? It is zombie-ing. For those who don't know, zombie-ing is a dating phenomenon when someone who previously ghosted you returns to your life.

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What Is Zombie-ing?

You may have been there: you were dating someone until the person disappeared from your life without a word. But after a few months, they return with a text, "Hey! How have you been?" At first, you may reply to the text message and begin a conversation, though unwillingly or surprisingly. But then when both of you seem to have spent some more good moments together, the person may ghost you once again. It would be no wrong to say that the person comes back to your life from the dead only to haunt you. Someone who is zombie-ing may not have any intentions to have a serious relationship with you.

Now you may say that zombie-ing is quite similar to breadcrumbing, another dating trend where a person who ghosted you, resurfaces in your life, giving you subtle hints of a potential relationship. The only difference between breadcrumbing and zombie-ing is that the former may not include ghosting once again.

What To Do If You Are Being Zombied?

So now that you have known what is zombie-ing in dating, it is quite important to know how to deal with the same. This is because when someone zombies you, they may make you feel unworthy of being loved. Instead of getting zombied and hurt, the best you can do is save yourself from this horrible experience. You can do the following things:

1. Reply Only If You Want To Have A Conversation

This is one of the best things that you can do if someone is zombie-ing you. The moment you receive a message, ask yourself if you want to have a conversation with that person. If you are still not over the ghosting incident, then you can choose to not reply.

2. Find Out Their Intentions

If you have replied to the text message and have already started a conversation then, the first thing that you need to find out is their intentions behind coming back into your life. Maybe they have some unfinished business with you or are lonely and thus simply looking to pass time. Once you are aware of the intentions, you will be able to save yourself from heartbreak.

3. Check If They're Willing To Apologise

Did the person mention the reason behind their sudden disappearance from your life? If the person explains the reason and apologises then it's good, else you need to reconsider your decision. What's the point of having a person in your life who doesn't care about your emotions.

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4. Do Not Get Attached Too Soon

Before getting attached to that person once again, remind yourself how you felt after being ghosted. Remember those days when you waited for calls or replies. Instead of getting attached to someone who left you without giving any reason, confront that person and seek answers.