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10 Tips That Can Help You To Let Go Of Someone You Love

To love someone is not a cakewalk neither is breaking up with that person. When you love someone genuinely, you invest your time and emotions for that person. You might have never imagined that you will part ways with someone you love so dearly. Letting go of someone due to any tragic accident, illness, divorce or breakup is really heartbreaking. No matter what is the reason behind the separation, the pain is so intense that people often think they may need a lifetime to overcome it. However, here are some pointers that will help you to overcome this pain in an easy way and let go of the one whom you loved so dearly.

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1. Acknowledge Why Your Relationship Ended

First of all, you need to understand what went wrong and why your relationship ended. Was it constant fights and misunderstandings or was it any tragic incident? Whatever be the reason behind your split, you need to accept it. Unless you don't figure out the reason behind your split, you won't be able to let go of your partner.


2. Let Your Tears Roll Down

We understand that you may be quite hurt and depressed after your relationship ended. You may be overwhelmed by the emotions about the good and bad moments. In such a case, holding back your tears and bitterness can make things tough. If you feel like crying then please do the same and free yourself from the pain. Holding on to the bitter and tragic memories will never help you in moving ahead in your life.


3. Cut Down All Contacts

Out of sight, out of mind- this will really work if you sever all ties with your partner. This is one of the crucial steps for letting go of the person you love. You need to delete his/her number, remove him/her from your social media account and avoid contacting him/her. Failing this, may not help you in letting go of that person and healing your broken heart. You may not be able to move on as you will always find yourself going back to that person.


4. Accept You Are No More Together

Even if both of you had a happy and healthy relationship and you gave your best to make the relationship last forever, you have to accept that you are no more together. There are couples who dedicate themselves completely to the relationship but are unable to live together forever. Just accept this and then you will feel easy to move on.


5. Leave Behind The Past

Letting go of someone you love doesn't mean you just need to stop contacting him/her and move on in your life. In fact, it is also about leaving behind the past. You need to let go of their memories as well. If visiting those places where both of you often spent time together, fills you with sadness and pain, then, it is better to leave behind the past. We understand that you may not be able to forget the time you spent together but then there's no point in going back to the past again and again.


6. Think Positively

Just because your relationship didn't last forever, doesn't mean you are at fault. The more you overthink about what happened and if you could have done anything to save the relationship, you won't be able to move away from the gloominess. You need to keep the positivity in you alive, else things won't be easy.


7. Call Your Friends And Other Loved Ones

Your friends and loved ones can actually help you in letting go of someone you loved dearly. It is said that your loved ones can make things easier even during your tough times. Thus if you are unable to move on from your heartbreak then you can call your loved ones. Their presence will make you feel better and happy.


8. Invest Your Time In Doing Some Meaningful Work

It is better that you engage yourself in doing something productive and meaningful. There is no point in crying over what went wrong as you can't do anything now to fix things. But you can surely make your life better by working on your dreams and making your future bright. This will not only help you in being successful but will also make you leave behind the bitterness and grudges.


9. Look For Inner Happiness

You may feel sad and depressed to let go of your partner after you have ended your relationship. This is not because your relationship didn't work but because you probably didn't expect this in your life. You wanted to stay with your partner and therefore, you dreamt the same for your future. But since life took an unexpected turn, you may feel extremely saddened. However, this doesn't mean you can't be happy. Find your happiness, do things that make you feel happy and forget your pain. Life becomes easy when you let go of pain, grudges and resentment.


10. Take A Cue From It

After you have successfully let go of your ex-partner, you need to take a cue from your failed relationship. If the reason behind ending your relationship was the toxic behaviour of your partner, then it is better not to go back to the same relationship. Instead, you can learn some valuable lessons and save yourself from any such toxic relationship in the future.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 19:01 [IST]
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