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8 Ways To Bring Your Relationship Back On Track When Your Partner Is Pulling Away

Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs. Even if your relationship seems perfect and healthy from the outside, both the partners can experience turbulence. There can be times when you won't feel connected with your partner anymore. During this time, many thoughts can clutter your mind like 'Was it my fault?', 'Is it the end of the relationship?' or 'What made love fly out of the window?'

Things can actually worsen if you do not take appropriate steps to save your relationship. So, if you are going through the same then do not lose your heart as we are here with some tips that can help you to save your relationship.

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1. Find The Root Cause Of Problem(s)

It is very important for you and your partner to understand what is creating an emotional gap between you both. Is it the work stress or family issues? Without communicating with your partner, you may not be able to know the reason. Therefore, if your instincts say that something is wrong then it is better that you discuss the solution of problems with your partner.


2. Admit Your Mistakes

There can be times when you commit any mistake or hurt your partner without even realising it. The same can be done by your partner. These little issues can accumulate over the course of time to form a bigger problem. Therefore, if you have been ignoring your mistakes for a long time and now you find that your relationship is falling out, then it is better to seek an apology for your mistakes. Leave behind the ego and move ahead with love and affection. Being egoistic will not only harm your relationship and apologising for your mistakes won't make you inferior. In fact, it will save your relationship and will make you happier.


3. Keep Distractions At Bay

If you are someone who pays more attention to things other than your relationship such as social media, friends, smartphones, work, etc. even while you are with your partner, then try to eliminate these distractions to some extent. Such as avoid using your phone unnecessarily when you are with your partner. Listen to your partner and talk about each other's day. Share your problems and ask your partner's opinion. Try stealing out some time from your busy schedule and spend it with your partner.


4. Give Space To Your Partner

As soon as you feel that your partner is pulling away, you may tend to do all possible things to save your relationship. You may try to stick to your partner and do things to please him or her. But then you must understand that trying too hard to get back your partner in the relationship may make him or her feel annoyed. We are not saying that you should stop putting efforts to win back your partner, but you should give space to your partner. Let your partner breathe in his or her space.

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5. Bring Positive Changes In You

It can be possible that due to some of your bad habits your partner is moving away. Such as he or she may not like the fact that you are too lazy or careless. Even after he or she asked you to improve your behaviour or change certain habits, you never cared to listen to your partner's advice. Thus, you can try to stop your partner from slipping away by bringing out some positive changes. Let your partner know that you value his or her advice and are trying to make yourself more productive.


6. Say No To Boredom In Your Relationship

One of the major reasons why couples distance themselves from each other is boredom in their relationship. It is a factor that can kill any relationship. Living a mundane life and thinking that it is good to spend your day in front of the TV is okay, but nothing exciting in your relationship can make things way too worse.

Instead of repeating the same schedule, you can do things that bring happiness in your relationship. Such as you can learn something new or engage yourself in exploring places. You can also dedicate your weekends in some social services. Or you can go on a vacation together and visit some beautiful places to rekindle your romance.


7. Make Your Partner Feel Special

Who said you can't do things to make your partner feel loved and special after you have spent a year or two? Remember those days when your relationship just started and you used to do things to make your partner feel special. You can do the same again. Let your partner feel that he or she still matters the most to you. Bring that initial enthusiasm and make him or her blush. It is actually good to let your partner know that you truly care for him or her.


8. Work On Your Sex Life

If you have been repeating the same sex routine over a period of time then it's high time for you to stop and rethink and make it more interesting. Try something new in your sex life such as indulging foreplays often or surprising your partner with sexy lingerie. You can also ask your partner's desires or fantasies and act naughty with your partner when no one is around.

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There is no rule book to keep a relationship going on forever. The way you treat your partner and put the effort into your relationship can decide how long your relationship is going to last. Try to find happiness in little things and make your partner feel that you truly care about him or her. The more you tend to take your partner for granted, the more he or she will pull themselves away from you.

Story first published: Monday, January 13, 2020, 19:30 [IST]
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