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7 Things That You Can’t Control In Your Relationship

It is true that couples want their relationship to be full of love and happiness. The last thing that they would want is unnecessary fights and misunderstandings in their relationship. They want their relationship to go in the way they have planned. Perhaps, therefore, people often tend to control their relationship.

At times, they may not be aware of it and may consider it as a normal thing to make all decisions in the relationship. They often forget that controlling things in a relationship can worsen the situation. Even if they control the relationship with good intentions, it can have a bad impact on their relationship. Such as one of the partners may feel suffocating in the relationship or it may lead to unnecessary fights between the couples.

Therefore, they are certain things that you must not control in your relationship. To know what those things are, scroll down the article to read more.


1. The Personal Space And Me-Time Of Your Partner

Controlling your partner's me-time can create some serious issues in your relationship. You and your partner have the full right to enjoy your me-time. This is because your personal space and me-time allow you to do things that make you happy and relaxed such as you can take rest, read a book or listen to music. But when you try to control the personal space of your partner by deliberately including yourself in it and asking your partner to dedicate his/her ‘me-time' to you, then this can annoy your partner. This can create further problems in your relationship.


2. What Does Your Partner Feel For You

It is not necessary that your partner should have the same feelings and emotions as you do. He/she may feel a bit different despite being in a relationship with you. You can never force your partner to love you in the same manner as you do. Just because you do not find his/her flaws to be annoying that doesn't mean your partner will do the same. Instead of forcing your partner to love you dearly, you can win over his/her by your true love and caring nature.


3. Your Partner’s Family And Friends

You need to understand that your partner has other important people in his/her life as well. For example, he/she may be quite close to his/her family and friends. Your partner may spend a good amount of time with his/her family and friends. But that doesn't mean your partner doesn't love you. Not letting your partner spend some time with his/her loved ones can harm your relationship.


4. The Perspectives And Choices Of Your Partner

It is not necessary that you and your partner will always have the same perspectives and choices. Your partner may not like your choices and would prefer something else. For example, you may be fond of non-veg food but your partner may not like to eat non-veg food. He/she may have a different taste in sports, novels and music. Controlling your partner's perspectives and choices is not a good thing and this can make your partner feel that you do not respect his/her choices.


5. Your Partner’s Dreams And Goals

Everyone has their own dreams and goals that they want to fulfill. For example, you may want to be a pilot or a lawyer whereas your partner may want to be a dancer or painter. As a couple, you need to support your partner's dreams and goals. This shows that you have faith in him/her. You may suggest or advise your partner at times but controlling their goals just because you don't find them good, is quite wrong.


6. The Future Of Your Relationship

Nobody knows what will happen next. Even if you try your best, you can't control what's next. Though you may have future plans or may decide what you want in your future, you can never control your future. The same goes for your relationship. You can never control the future of your relationship. There will be times when things may not go as planned. You and your partner may have some differences and conflicts over many things in your relationship.


7. Things That You Should Do In Your Relationship

It is good to make plans in your relationship to make some new memories and help each other in growing. Whenever you are making any decision, it is advisable that you take your partner's wish into account. Just because you do not want your partner to lose interest in you, it is wrong to decide what he/she will be doing. For example, forcing your partner to agree for the long trip, despite his/her bad health can ruin the things. You may think that going on a long trip will strengthen the relationship. On the contrary, this will create more problems.

You need to understand that controlling a relationship can weaken its root. Even if your intentions are true, it can invite a series of fights, arguments and misunderstandings. You may not be able to save your relationship. Instead of controlling your relationship, you can decide how you and your partner can strengthen the relationship. You can do things to make each other happy.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 14:02 [IST]
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