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8 Things Your Man Would Want You To Stop Doing, Ladies Make A Note Of It!

Ladies! Does your man often praise you for doing things to make him feel loved and special? If yes, then we are sure that you truly love your man like anything. He would admire your attitude and way of doing things for him.

But has your man ever sulked over any of your behaviour and complained about the same? He may hate some of your behaviour and would feel bad to see you repeating those again and again. Then this shows that there could be a few things that your man would want you to stop doing. In order to know what those things are that you need to stop doing to make your man feel good and happy, scroll down the article to read more.


1. Criticising Your Partner In Front Of Everyone

Criticising your partner can affect your relationship in an extreme manner, especially if you do this in front of his friends. You may feel annoyed and irritated due to the careless attitude of your man but that doesn't mean you will censure your partner every now and then. Finding faults in your partner that too in front of people can hurt your partner's sentiments and thus, this can affect your relationship adversely.


2. When You Invade Their Personal Space

Would you like if someone constantly invades your personal space? You may feel annoyed and irritated, so does your partner when you disturb him while he is enjoying his ‘me-time' and personal space. Just like you want your personal space to rejuvenate yourself and feel energised, men too want their personal space to feel good. Whether he is working on his car or bike, watching a cricket match or playing video games, he would never like being disturbed.


3. Throwing Unnecessary Tantrums

Just because your man pampers you and fulfills your wishes and demands, throwing tantrums isn't a good thing to do. If you throw tantrums quite often, then there may come a time, when he may feel irritated by your behaviour. He would start hating your habit of creating scenes at any party or public place. Not only this, he may stop going out with you.


4. Flirting With Other Men All The Time

Let us get this straight that there can be times when your man may feel bad to see you flirting or getting touchy with other men. Even though you are honest and committed to your man, he may envy some men you are close to. By saying so we mean to say that it could be possible that your man doesn't like some of your guy friends and therefore, when you flirt with them, he may feel uncomfortable and envious.


5. Giving Silent Treatment To Him

Believe it or not, nobody likes receiving silent treatment. So when you give a silent treatment to your man, he may not feel good. To him, your silent treatment may feel like walking barefooted in a hot desert. Even if he loves some quiet time, he would hate receiving silent treatment from you. This is because he would feel guilty and disappointed when he has to constantly ask ‘what's wrong'.


6. Asking If You Are Looking Fat

No matter if you look fat or slim, you need to understand that your man loves you. Asking him if you are looking fat every now and then can irritate him. Your man would definitely love to see you confident of who you are and not worrying about the external appearance. So if you always ask your boyfriend if or not you are looking fat, no matter whichever dress you wear can affect your relationship like anything.


7. Comparing Him With Every Other Man

No one likes being compared to others. So if you often compare your man to other men, then you need to stop doing so. This is because when you compare your man, it shows that you aren't accepting your partner the way he is. As a result, your man may feel inferior and would develop a disliking for you. Instead of comparing your man, you can help him in evolving into a better human.


8. Staying In-Touch With Your Ex Behind His Back

You may decide to be on talking-terms with your ex-partner and there's nothing wrong in this until you doc not hide this from your partner. When you hide the fact that you are staying in-touch with your ex-partner. He would take it as betrayal and won't feel good. He may think that you do not trust him or you are hiding something that he should know.

Just as you do things to make your man feel loved and special, there are a few things that you need to avoid doing. This is because these things make your man feel annoyed and irritated and this may hurt him to a great extent.

Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2021, 13:56 [IST]
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