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8 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted

It feels great when you do something sweet and special for your partner and in return, your partner shows gratitude for your effort. To keep a relationship healthy; trust, love, empathy and mutual respect have to be there, but, what's harmful is if your partner takes you for granted.

A relationship may become bitter if one of the partners is making numerous efforts in the relationship while the other sits back and doesn't notice it. In worst cases, one of the partners doesn't care to show appreciation and respect.

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This could be the first sign that your partner is taking you for granted and there are plenty of other signs. Scroll down to read about them.

1. Your Partner No More Takes Your Advice

It is obvious to seek advice from people you love and vice versa. But if your partner doesn't care to take any advice from you or give the same to you, then it could be a subtle sign that your partner is taking you for granted. There is also a high chance that your partner will also ignore you when you give valuable advice to them.

2. Your Partner Doesn't Share Things With You

When two people are close to each other, it is likely that they will share their problems and thoughts with each other. But, if your partner has stopped sharing his or her thoughts, ideas or feelings with you then it means he or she doesn't trust you anymore. This could be a subtle sign that he or she is taking you for granted.

3. Your Partner Is Showing Cold Behaviour

One of the other subtle signs that your partner is taking you for granted is, he or she is not interested in you and wants some more space. There is nothing wrong if you or your partner feel this, but if it is happening quite often then you must take it more seriously.

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4. Your Partner Prefers Friends Over You

Friends are no doubt quite important part of our lives, but it is not always good to ignore relationship for the sake of friendship. If your partner always chooses his or her friends over you and cancels plans with you, only to be with his or her friends then this might be a thing to worry about.

5. Your Partner Doesn't Help You In Any Manner

Couples often help each other in household chores to dealing with serious crisis. This way they show support to each other. But if your partner is not willing to help you and prefers to pay more attention to his or her work, then this could be a sign where your partner is taking you for granted.

6. Your Partner Hardly Communicates

When someone truly values you, he or she will not only communicate with you but will also make sure to indulge in some meaningful conversation. Such as he or she will discuss future plans and will ask you about how you spent your day. But if this is not happening in your relationship, then your partner might be taking you for granted.

7. Your Partner Is No More Romantic

Do you feel your partner is no more making efforts to spend time with you or showering love on you? Though not all people are romantic, they do sweet things to bring out their romantic side. But if your partner is not making a single effort in being romantic and doesn't notice your romantic side as well, even if you have talked him or her about this, then your partner might be taking you for granted.

8. Your Partner Ignores Your Likes And Dislikes

If your partner doesn't bother about your likes and dislikes, then it is a sign that your partner is taking for your grant. Couples love to take care of each other's likes and dislikes. If they want their relationship to work then they must make sure to avoid doing things that their partners do not like. But, if your partner tends to ignore this every time, then your relationship might be going towards a rough road.

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The best way to overcome this problem of being taken for granted by your partner is to have effective communication. Express your concern and worries to your partner and let your partner realise what he or she is doing rather than shouting and accusing and ignoring you.

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