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12 Signs That Show Your Partner No More Respects You

We all know that it takes so much more than love to build and maintain a relationship. Trust, honestly and respect form the very base of relationship and without these a relationship is fragile. Talking about respect, it has to be mutual and consistent in a relationship, because it is a relationship of two equals and power play simply cannot exist.

But, it is possible that your partner doesn't respect you in your relationship. Everyone knows the feeling of disrespect so it is time that we too help you to introspect whether your partner respects you enough or not. 12 Pointers that will steer clear the cloud in your relationship and help you understand whether your partner disrespects you.


1. Your Partner Doesn’t Pay Attention To What You Say

All of us feel the need of being heard of. At times, your partner may not be able to pay attention to whatever you say, due to many reasons. But if this continues to happen most of the time, then this shows he or she doesn't respect you. Even if you ask your partner to pay attention to what you are saying, he or she may not bother to do the same.


2. Your Partner No More Seeks Your Advice

Seeking someone's advice itself shows that you value that person's opinions. But when you ignore someone's valuable suggestions and do what you feel is right, it shows that you no longer respect that person. At times, you may not follow someone's suggestions due to some reasons. But if your partner does the same thing again and again, this shows that he or she no more respects you.


3. Your Partner Intentionally Flirts With Others

There can be times when your partner may flirt with someone and you may ignore it. But, you need to understand that flirting is not a good thing to do, especially when you are already in a relationship. If your partner is always on his/her toes to flirt with someone or be romantic with your friends or any other person, this is no less than a disrespectful act in your relationship.


4. Your Partner No More Values Your Likes And Dislikes

It is obvious for couples to take care of each other's likes and dislikes. They do so out of love and respect for each other. Disrespecting someone's likes and dislikes or imposing your decisions, thoughts, opinions, etc. is not a good thing. This shows all you care about is yourself. If your partner often does this, then it is a clear sign that he/she doesn't value you.


5. Your Partner Often Blames You For Things That Went Wrong

Passing the entire blame on one's head and holding him/her responsible for every mishappening, is indeed a disrespectful act. The same can happen in your relationship if your partner doesn't respect you. In order to know the same, you need to watch out if he or she is playing the blame game. If you find your partner hardly taking charge of his/her mistakes and accusing you of things that went wrong, then you need to understand that he or she no more respects you.


6. Your Partner Often Hurts Your Feelings

There can be times when you and your partner may hurt each other's feelings unintentionally. You can later settle down the things by apologising to your partner and trying your best not to repeat the incident. But when your partner hurts you again and again for the sake of making you feel inferior, this shows you are in a disrespectful relationship. Your partner won't feel bad in hurting your feelings for satisfying his/her ego and proving themselves the better among you.


7. Your Partner Never Makes Out Time For You

A healthy relationship is the one in which both the partners are equally involved and are ready to put equal efforts. It is not that only either of you has to make plans to keep the boredom away from your relationship. In fact, this can be done by both of you to keep the spark alive and relationship going on. But if you find your partner never making out time for you or being a flaky person when you plan something, then this shows your relationship lacks mutual respect.


8. Your Partner Often Embarrasses You In Public

Nothing can be more disrespectful than putting down your partner in the public. If your partner often screams, hits or abuses you in public places, this shows your partner has no respect for you. All your partner does is objectify you and consider you as a worthless person. Even if your partner makes a mistake in public, try not to correct him/her publically in a rude manner. You can solve the things while both of you are in your private space.


9. Your Partner Always Excludes You From His/Her Plans

Since both of you are a couple, it is obvious that you will try your best to include your partner in your future plans. In fact, you will make plans together and ensure that both of you are equally involved in it. But if your partner hardly cares to include you in his/her plans then this is a clear sign that you are no more being respected by your partner.


10. Your Partner Abuses You

Any kind of abuse, be it verbal, emotional or physical abuse, is not healthy for any relationship. When you abuse someone, he or she may lose his/her self-respect and confidence. There are various scenarios in which couples call each other with cute and funny names. They do various things to tease each other but if this goes on for long and takes a toll on one's self-respect, then this takes the form of abuse in a relationship.


11. Your Partner Often Badmouths You

Badmouthing anyone is not a very polite thing to do. It is possible that you may be upset due to your partner's behaviour. In such a case, it is better that you convey the matter directly to your partner and discuss it. Badmouthing your partner just because you don't like some of his/her traits is not a good thing. This clearly shows you do not respect your partner.


12. Your Partner Always Criticises You

A perfect human never exists. Period. Though constructive criticism can help you to evolve into a better human. A healthy relationship can be such that you are always supporting and encouraging each other. But if your partner always criticises you for your choices, thoughts, opinions and preferences, then this shows that your partner is extremely judgemental and hardly respects you.

Story first published: Friday, March 27, 2020, 10:18 [IST]
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