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10 Sure Signs Your Ex Is Over You And Doesn't Want You Back

Human beings are unpredictable and so are breakups at times. While some turn breakups into a positive experience, for others it can be a traumatising one.

You may have several questions racing on in your mind. Such as what went wrong? Why did he or she leave you? You may expect your ex to return to you but what if your ex is over you? But you cannot read their mind, can you? Still, there are certain behaviour which can tell if your ex is over you. Scroll down the article to know more:

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1. Your Ex Asks You To Move On

Your ex-partner may be trying his or her best to move on after the breakup and then asks you to do the same. This happens mostly when your ex-partner has moved on his or her life. Maybe your partner doesn't want to return to you and he or she is trying not to hurt your sentiments. Therefore, your ex asks you to move on or find someone who is better and caring for you.


2. Your Ex Blocks Your Social Media And Number

If your ex-partner has blocked your number and social media accounts or has changed his or her number then it is a sign that he or she is over you. It may be possible that since your ex-partner was hurt or disturbed right after the breakup, he or she has blocked you or changed the number. But, if he or she hasn't unblocked you or tried to contact you then you need to accept the fact that he or she has probably moved on or wants you to do the same.


3. Your Calls And Messages No More Get Answered

It happens that once your relationship is over, you may try to re-connect with your ex and therefore, you call or text him or her. But if your calls and messages go ignored and your ex doesn't try to contact you, then it is good to pull back. There is no denying that it can be really heartbreaking but it is better to face reality. Else your ex may perceive you as too needy and desperate.

Sometimes, you ex may take your call or reply to your messages but that is just because he or she is trying to be polite. But you must not mistake his or her politeness for love interest in you.


4. Your Ex Feels Irritated While Having Conversations With You

It may be possible that when you meet your ex or have a conversation, he or she feels annoyed and irritated. Your ex may be unwilling to talk with you and therefore, you need to understand that your ex is no more interested in you. If you mean special to someone, you will be able to sense it always. Hence, if your ex is being mean to you or is least interested in you, then you need to accept the fact he or she has moved on.


5. Your Ex No More Trusts You

It is said that once trust is broken, it is hard to rebuild it. It can be really difficult for your ex to trust you after you have cheated on him or her while being in the relationship or if you did something that had hurt him or her deeply. Since something happened in the past had uprooted the foundation of trust in your relationship, your ex may not feel like trusting you again.

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6. Your Ex Is Now In A New Relationship

One of the major signs that your ex is over you and doesn't want you back is his or her relationship is because they are with someone. Who knows maybe he or she is even happy. It can be a rebound relationship to forget you and have a new start but then if you find him or her serious in the new relationship, then it is better to pull back.


7. Your Ex Is No More Interested To Meet You

If your ex still cares for you, he or she will make efforts to meet you or hang out with you. But if your several coffees or dinner invitation went ignored then you need to accept the reality. Your ex may make different excuses to avoid meeting you. He or she may not want to meet and talk about why and what went wrong.


8. Your Ex Doesn't Make Any Effort To Reconcile

If even after weeks and months of the breakup, your ex shows no signs of reconciliation then it is a sign that he or she is over you. The person who truly cares for you and wants you in his or her life will make necessary efforts for it. Maybe your ex-partner is unwilling to make any effort that can rekindle the romance between you two and tries to stay away from you. In such a case, hovering around your ex-partner like a butterfly can be a stupid decision.


9. Your Current Relationship Doesn't Bother Your Ex

In order to make your ex-partner feel jealous, you may date someone. But if this doesn't affect your ex-partner even a little bit then it's a clear sign, you no matter in his or her life. Your ex would have expressed his or her anger and pain, in case he or she wanted you back in life.


10. Your Ex Seems To Be Enjoying His Or Her Life

It can be obvious for people to miss their ex-partners at times, but if your ex doesn't seem to be missing you at all then there is no point in trying to get him or her back in your life or even wait for them. Your ex may think that breaking up with you was a good decision and he or she is happy in life. You may find him or her living life with contentment and positivity.

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Going back to someone who no more cares for you or wants you back, can be an utter waste of time. Rather than shedding tears and doing crazy things to get him or her back , you can focus working on yourself. You need to make a new start in your life and achieve your career goals. In addition to this, you can find someone who truly cares for you.

Story first published: Monday, January 20, 2020, 12:00 [IST]
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