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11 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

Do you ever feel that despite a bitter breakup, your ex-partner is still not over you? Does your gut feeling tell you that your ex-partner is just pretending to be over you but still loves you?

We understand that going through a breakup is never easy and one has to face many ups and downs. But finding out whether your ex-partner is over you or not can be a difficult thing and therefore, we have mentioned some signs that can tell if your ex-partner is pretending to be over you.

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1. Your Ex Is Still In Touch With You

Couples often cut ties with each other after their relationship ends. They make sure to avoid any kind of contact with each other. However, sometimes couples may not delete or block each other's contact number. In that case, also, they avoid contacting each other. But what if your ex is calling and texting you again and again? It may be because he or she is still not over you.


2. Your Ex Often Stalks You

Your ex may stalk you at various social media platforms to know your whereabouts. He or she may keep following you on your social media platforms. This is because he or she wants to know what's going on in your life and is still not over you.


3. Your Ex Is In Touch With Your Friends

It can be obvious that your ex is still in touch with your friends. But if your common friends tell you that your ex constantly asks and talks about you, then this could be a sign he or she is pretending to be over you but he is not. While talking with your friends, your ex would bring you and would be keen to know your whereabouts, current relationship status, achievements and what else is going on in your life.


4. Your Ex Has Drunk Dialled You Many Times

Does your ex drunk dials you at 3 am? Do you receive those late-night messages of how deeply he or she loved you? Then this shows that your ex is still having some feelings for you and is only pretending to be over you. In that case, you can let your ex know what he or she did the last night. Being available for your ex too often may give him or her a wrong message.


5. Your Ex Tries To Make You Jealous

You may find your ex doing things to make you jealous. Such as he or she may try to show you how much they are enjoying with their new partner. You may find your ex crossing your path to do unnecessary show-off. Also, your ex may send you pictures from his or her vacations and would talk about how happy he or she is.

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6. Your Ex Is Always Ready To Help You

It can be possible that your ex-partner is a generous person and therefore, he or she always tries to be there for you. But if you find him or her being the first person to console you when something goes wrong and trying his or her best to solve your problems, then this could be a sign your ex is still not over you. However, it is a kind gesture to help each other even after a breakup but before you go back to your ex, remember why you guys called it off in the first place.


7. Your Ex Finds Excuses To Meet You

Does your ex always make lame excuses to meet you? Is your ex on his or her toes to know when both of you can go for a coffee or a newly released movie? Well, you may see it as a casual meeting but this shows your ex is still not over you and is, therefore, finding ways to see you. He or she may bump into you, stating 'what a coincidence!'


8. Your Ex Flirts With You

If you find your ex being flirtatious with you and sending those flirty text messages, then this could be a sign your ex is pretending to be over you. He or she would compliment you for your new haircut and dress and would throw some pick-up lines at you.


9. Your Ex Posts On Social Media Aiming At You

At times, people post some random pictures or quotes on social media to aim at someone. If your ex often does this, then you can take it as a tell-tale sign that he or she is not over you yet. He or she may post some sad quotes or something which reflects their anger and frustration or it can be a beautiful post to remind you of the time you had spent with them.


10. Your Ex Is Dating Someone Like You

There is nothing wrong if your ex is dating someone after breaking up from you. But if your ex is dating someone who resembles you and/or has similar personality traits, then this could be a sign that he or she is still not over you. It shows that your ex-partner is trying to find the same comfort that he or she lost.


11. Your Ex Is Trying To Prove To Be Over You

You don't have to prove that you are over your ex and have successfully moved on. People who know you quite well would eventually understand that you are over your ex. One of the signs of your ex pretending to be over you is the way he or she tries to prove that he or she has moved on.

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If your ex is showing all or most of the above-mentioned signs then it is up you to decide if you want to go back to your ex or move on in life.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 12:30 [IST]