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Are Women Picky While Dating? 8 Signs To Find Out If You Are One Of Them!

Did it ever happen to you that you are looking for a date but couldn't find the perfect one for yourself or at least a decent partner? Have you acceded to get married in front of your parents but every time they bring a match, you do not find the guy suitable? Then it is possible that either your parents or relatives have tagged you as a 'picky woman'.


There is no denying fact that all of us deserve a good and caring partner but in the world of online dating and casual relationships, finding a good partner might look like 'mission impossible'.

If you have already started questioning yourself, rolling your eyes or scratching yourself then let us help you in knowing whether you are picky or not. Scroll down the article to go through some tell-tale signs of being a picky woman when it comes to dating and relationships.

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1. You Have A Never-Ending List Of Parameters

When it comes to dating and relationships, every-body has some or the other set of choices. You to have a list of parameters on which you would prefer to measure the qualities of your partner. These qualities are quite inspired by your own values, ethics and attitude towards life and others. As soon as you meet someone, you tend to search for these qualities. Once you find some of these qualities, you begin to measure them on the parameters to decide if the person is good for you or not.


2. You Put In Too Much Emphasis On Small Details

While others may look for height, weight, way of dressing, body language and family background, you focus on small details of the guy you meet. These small details can comprise of handwriting, way of eating, grooming, scratching his nose, his favourite shows and movies, the way he pulls a chair for you and much more. For you, these are something that you can't ignore.

People may ask you to ignore these small details but you just can't help yourself from observing these small details.


3. You Tend To Overthink When It Comes To Dating

Whenever your friends fix a date for you, instead of thinking what to wear, you tend to overthink about the future. For example, even before going on a date you start analysing 'what if the guy does this or that?'

Also, even before both of you come in a relationship, you tend to worry what if the guy proves out to be bad and abusive in the future. Due to this, you often stop yourself from taking a step forward. Even if the guy is good, you tend to reject the guy just because of over analysing and overthinking.


4. You Are Rigid On Your 'Must-Haves'

There are some pre-decided must-haves in your mind regarding dating guys. You just can't afford to have a guy who doesn't have these 'must-haves'. This could be anything such as the guy must know how to cook, he should be fit, he must be watching your favourite show, the guy must have a sense of humour, etc. When it comes to 'must-haves' you can't compromise and settle with a guy who doesn't seem perfect to your friends and family members. You prefer to walk away rather than compromising or adjusting with your partner or date.

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5. You Look For 'Instant Chemistry'

You believe on the theory 'now or never'. You think about having a romance no less than what is depicted in the movies and novels. While you are on a date with someone or are supposed to meet someone, you look for an instant chemistry, failing to which turns you off. Though you know it may take some time for the bond to develop, you always look for some instant attraction or temptation. The feeling of having butterflies in stomach is always on your head.

Being picky is not a bad thing as it can help you to choose a better partner for yourself. But sometimes this may create problems for you. No doubt every woman has a series of expectations from her partner and therefore, it hurts when these expectations aren't met. But rather than having a mountain of expectations and parameters, it is better to look for mutual understanding and respect, if the person is having pure soul and is kind-hearted or not. For that reason, these things matter most in a relationship.

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