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Womaniser Alert! 9 Telltale Signs You Are Dating One

Who said that it is difficult to understand women? The only way you can truly know about your opposite sex is by spending time with each other. Some may turn out to be good, others may turn out to be a womaniser!

When a woman dates a man, you may not be aware of his true nature and habits. Only by spending some time with them, you will be able to know if he is a playboy or serial dater or a one-woman man. We are sure that no matter what your expectations are from your romantic relationship, you will certainly not want to be with a womaniser.

If it is becoming difficult for you to spot a womaniser, then here are some telltale signs that will help you to find a womaniser. Read on.

1. He Seems Too Good To Be True

Even if you find your man to be perfect in almost everything, it is advisable that you hold your horses. You may have found him being too perfect since the very first day of your relationship. You may find all the qualities in him that make him the perfect gentleman for you. There's nothing wrong with it. But if even after spending a good time with him, you haven't found even a single negative quality, then this can be a sign that he is a womaniser.

2. He Is Quite Active On Social Media

It is totally normal to be active on social media. But a womaniser will use social media as a weapon to flirt with random women. You may find him hitting the like button and commenting on other women's pictures often and we are sure how the DMs will be like. Moreover, he may never allow you to have a look at his social media profiles because he may indulge in having some intimate chat with his social media friends.

3. He Never Allows You To Know His Friends

A man who is serious about his woman will always share his plans, thoughts and opinions with his friends. His friends may know his true intentions. Therefore, your man may not allow you to know his friends. He may fear that you may get to know his true intentions if you befriend his friends. Therefore, he may never allow you to hang out with his friends and will ask you to stay away from them.

4. He Often Gets Too Touchy

A womaniser knows what he wants and he will do his best to fulfill his desires and needs. If he is with you for mere fun, then he may get touchy with you in no time. He will never follow the standard rules of dating. What if you find him saying things such as, 'let's go to my place to have more fun', 'I am alone tonight. Why don't you come to my place', or 'I want to see you in this lingerie', etc. on your first date? If you find this sign in him, then this shows that he can be a womaniser.

5. He Has A History Of Numerous Relationship

If your man has a history of numerous relationships and none of his relationships lasted for more than a few months then this can be a sign that he is a womaniser. He may have dated numerous women and jumped from one relationship to another quite easily. You may have found that he broke up with his ex-partners for some vague reasons.

6. He Never Allows You To Touch His Phone

There's nothing wrong with keeping a password on your phone. But if he becomes quite secretive, especially when he gets a call or message, then this could be a red flag. He may not allow you to attend his phone calls or see his message. He may go out to take his call and won't share to whom he is talking. So, if you find these signs in your man, then you can consider it as a red-flag in your relationship.

7. He Never Tells You Much About His Life

He will be super secretive. One of the signs of being a womaniser is that he never allows you to know more about his life. He may not tell you much about his friends and family. Even if you ask him to introduce you to his family, he may not reply. He may ignore your questions and give you some vague answers. Not only this, but he may show little to no interest in knowing your friends and family.

8. He Is A Flatterer

It is good that your man praises you and your physical appearance. But if you find him overly praising you all the time, especially when he wants you to do something for him, then this shows that he may be a womaniser. He may praise you for things that are not even true. So spare yourself the pain and say goodbye to him.

9. He Often Checks Out Other Women

If you find your man checking out other women quite often, then this can be a sign that he is a womaniser. You may find him not trying to hide his eyes from you while checking out other women. Even if you ask him why he is doing so you may receive some vague answers.

Story first published: Monday, June 29, 2020, 19:42 [IST]
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