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Exclusive: Signs That You Are Dating A F**kboy, Let’s Hear It From Women!

To all the ladies out there! If you are someone who dreams of finding true love or staying in a long term relationship, then you need to be careful while looking for your partners, because fuckboys don't come with warnings.

At times, it won't be wrong to say that movies have tricked you into believing that sex is equivalent to love and a fuckboy will have a sudden change of heart after seeing your love for him. WAKE UP! This is not true always.

These men are extremely talented in adapting to any situation and pretend to be a trustworthy and caring guy until their true intentions are revealed. The moment you come to know about their true intentions, it may be difficult for you to trust anyone. So, spare yourself the horror of getting involved with men like these. To help you, we have also listed 10 tell-tale signs of dating a fuckboy.

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Few women came forward to share their real-life experience of dating a fuckboy.


1. He Will Approach You With No Hesitation

While talking to Boldsky, 24-year-old Adya from Bengaluru says, "I once dated a fuckboy. I didn't bother to check out his true intentions in the first place. Unlike other men who feel tensed before approaching any girl, this boy approached me confidently. At first, I was impressed by his confidence but then I realised his intentions weren't good."

You may be approached by someone who is quite confident and charming, but it is important that you do not trust someone blindly in the first few meets, simply because they are behaving well with you.


2. He Will Plan A Perfect Date Night

Who wouldn't like the idea of a perfect date night? You may feel happy having a perfect dreamy date night with your partner. But someone who is new to dating may make one or two mistakes in their first few dates. On the other hand, playboys are quite talented in planning a perfect dreamy date night so create the perfect impression of themselves on their partner's mind.


3. He Will Say Some Dreamy Lines

Fuckboys don't shy away when it comes to communicating with women. They will amaze you with some really impressive pick-up lines and they won't hesitate for even a second. Feeling butterflies in your stomach and romanticising about things just because these lines seem fascinating, can be your mistake. Therefore, make sure to check whether he is using the same pick-up lines on other women as well.


4. He Will Hardly Remember Subtle Things About You

Since fuckboys aren't really interested in spending their lives with you, they usually don't care to pay heed to things that are important in their lives. All they care about is their choices and comfort.

Adya also mentioned, "I remember the guy never bothered to ask me how my day was or whether I faced any challenges. All he cared about was what I was wearing and if I could send him my photographs."

"If there was an important occasion, he wouldn't remember it but used to recall which of my friends looked attractive," she further added.


5. He Won't Share His Personal Life

A person who actually wants to spend his life with you will be serious about your feelings, emotions and problems. He will make sure that you are happy and will stay beside you in your tough times. But, a fuckboy will be with you to satisfy his physical needs and nothing else. He will not share anything about their lives because they are not planning to stay forever with you. If you try to ask too many questions, there is a possibility that you will get vague answers.

Sneha a 23-year-old PG student from Delhi told Boldsky, "One of my friends was dating a fuckboy. I saw my friend never had meaningful conversations with her boyfriend. All they would discuss is about movies and places they can go for a date. She even tried engaging him in lengthy conversations, the guy would ask her to sleep as conversations seemed too boring to him."

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6. He Will Make Numerous Promises

In a relationship, one builds trust in two ways- the first is by giving time to your relationship and the second is by making genuine promises. Those who are players and not true lovers will, of course, go for the second method of building trust as they don't have much time to invest in a relationship.

The fuckboy will keep making numerous promises such as 'I will love you till eternity', 'I swear, I never feel like looking at other women' or 'I give my word to you that it's you who is going to be my only love'. These are their techniques to lure you and take you to their bedroom.

Sneha said, "The person that my friend was dating was quite good in making promises to lure her. He used to say that he will surely marry her and therefore, they must get physical with each other."

"He also said that she is the only woman in his life but that was a lie as he was dating other women too," she added.


7. He Often Asks You To Come To His Place

Playboys are always looking for ways to invite you alone to their place or come to your place when no one is at your home. The reason behind this is quite obvious as he simply wants to jump in bed with you.

Adya mentioned, "My fuckboy boyfriend used to invite me to his place quite often. He used to throw such lines at me that 'no one is at home', 'you can come to my place whenever you want to' or 'whenever you are alone and feeling scared, just call me. I'll come and then we can sleep peacefully together."

It can be possible that the guy you are dating has good intentions and is actually concerned for you. But then there is no wisdom in being blind and naive in such situations.


8. He Won't Introduce You To His Friends

Since fuckboys will never picture you in their future, they will prefer not introducing you to their friends. The fuckboy would hardly mention his friends to you but will always show interest in meeting your friends. Even if you ask him about his friends, he will dismiss the conversation with some vague replies. The reason behind this could be that he wants to avoid any kind of possible risk, where you come to know about his true intentions through his friends.


9. He Often Asks You To Send Nude And Semi-Nude Pictures

There is nothing wrong with sending nudes to your partner, but there needs to be that kind of trust that your partner won't misuse your images. If your partner asks you to send you nudes almost every time to talk, then you need to be careful. You may think that the boy genuinely loves you and is just trying to be close to you.

"I was always asked to share my semi-nude and nude pictures. The moment I used to decline, he would say that he loves me and therefore, wants to seem my body. Thankfully I never agreed to his weird demands," Adya added.


10. He Will Deny Being A fuckboy

Nobody would like to take the blame on their head and therefore, fuckboys won't admit their true intentions. They will make sure to tell you that they are the most genuine people on this earth and are solely made for you. But, we all know actions speak louder than words and therefore, you will always know whether you are dating a trustworthy person or a fuckboy.

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Disclaimer: The name of the individuals have been changed because of privacy concerns.

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