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7 Signs You Are Being Clingy In Your Relationship And How To Avoid

We, adults, know very well that seeking attention from your partner and acting needy is childish and unwise. This not only makes us clingy but makes the relationship worse as well.

The moment you enter a relationship, you may start depending upon each other for your physical and emotional needs and that is not a healthy thing to do.

Being desperate for having your partner by your side every single minute is not love but something else. If you are someone who is too attached with your significant other and is not ready to let him/her have their 'me-time', then you are surely being clingy in your relationship. In case, you are not ready to buy this, then you can scroll down the article to read the signs that tell you are being clingy in your relationship.

1. You Bombard Them With Numerous Texts

Sending texts to your partner is a healthy way to communicate. At times, you may text your partner more than once in a short period of time but if this is your habit, then there's a problem. Bombarding your partner with texts until he or she replies is no less than being clingy.

What You Can Do: You need to understand that he or she may be busy somewhere else and there is no point in sending continuous texts.

2. You Grow Impatient When You Don't Receive Quick Replies

This is another sign that you are being clingy in your relationship. At times, it can be a bit stressful to not receive any response from your partner, but feeling stressed every time for the same reason is not a healthy sign.

What You Can Do: Receiving a late response from your partner, doesn't mean he or she no longer loves you. You need to understand that your partner may be busy somewhere else and therefore, he or she can't reply to you immediately.

3. You Never Let Your Partner Hangout With Their Friends

Are you someone who hates when your partner hangs out with his/her friends? Being in a relationship doesn't mean you have full authority over your partner's life and you will cut out the friends from the picture. Your partner too has a family and some friends whom they love. Feeling upset or growing angry only because your partner chose to hang out with his/her friends is another sign of being clingy in your relationship.

What You Can Do: You need to accept that your partner has other people in his/her life and therefore, there's no point in feeling insecure. The one who truly loves you will always make time for you and therefore, you don't have to fight for it.

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4. You Rarely Make Time For Your Friends

Letting your partner spend some time with his or her family is not enough. You too need to spend time with your friends and family members. But if you are doing something exactly opposite to this i.e., not making time for other people in your life, then you are surely being a clingy partner. You may think that you are a trustworthy partner but then it is more like being a co-dependent and clingy partner.

What You Can Do: You need to discard the notion that you can be happy only when you are with your partner. Understand that you don't need to depend on someone for your happiness. You can be happy and then love someone. You can also take a rest or learn something newe in case you aren't willing to hang out with your friends.

5. You Do Not Believe in Giving Space To Your Partner

Self-love is not selfish and all of us need some 'me-time' to feel better and rejuvenated. Even if you are in a relationship with someone, you and your partner have the full right to enjoy your personal space. Someone who is a clingy partner will hardly believe in the idea of giving personal space to their partner.

What You Can Do: Rather than being a clingy partner, you need to understand that your partner has a life and therefore, it is a good thing to let him/her enjoy their personal space. This will help them in growing and pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

6. You Want Every Minute Updates Of Him/Her

Knowing your partner's whereabouts is a good thing but being eager to know every single minute update is something clingy people will do. When you throw numerous questions every time such as what they are doing, where and with whom they are, you tend to annoy your partner. This way he/she may try to avoid you.

What You Can Do: You need to trust your partner and avoid spying on your partner. In fact, you can ask him or her to drop a message so that you can stay informed about them.

7. You Always Tag Along Every Time

In case, your partner is planning to go somewhere or with someone else, tagging along isn't cool. At times, you can ask your partner to take you along, but if you do the same every time he/she is up to something, then this is a sign you are being clingy in your relationship. It is not a polite thing to include yourself in whatever your partner does.

What You Can Do: If your partner is not willing to include you in his/her plans, you won't have to question his actions. Rather than tagging yourself every time in his/her plans, you can make your own plans and enjoy your time.

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Nobody including your partner likes to be around someone who is clingy and dependent on others. Therefore, try to be a supportive partner rather than a clingy one. This way your partner will be able to trust you and stay committed in the relationship.

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