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7 Reasons Why You Should Stick To Your True Friends, Not Fake Friends!

There is no denying the fact that friends are an integral part of our lives. We need them in every walk of our lives. Friends love us, encourage us, annoy us and make fun of us, but are still close to our hearts. Their friendship makes our life colourful and happy. Sometimes, we might think some friends are always better than others. The reason could be the different bonding that we share with our friends. But, do you know there are some friends that are meant to stay forever, while some are just like passing clouds?

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Often people say, a real friend will always stick by your side whereas a fake friend won't bother whether you are fine or not. However, distinguishing between true and fake friends is a bit tough. But you don't need to worry about this as we have listed down some subtle signs that can help you in distinguishing between true and fake friends.

1. True Friends Will Always Support You

When it comes to supporting each other, true friends never lack in it. They know how important it is to support each other. Your true friends will support even your wildest dreams. When the world judges you for your choices, doesn't stick around you and trusts you, your true friends come as a saviour and they always have your back.

However, in this same situation, fake friends won't delay in stepping back and withdrawing their support. They will show their true colours during the hard times.

2. True Friends Will Shower Abundant Love

Having true friends is equal to having an abundant source of love. You will always have someone who cares about you like a family. True friends will nurse you while you are sick and will make sure you score well in your exams. Though true friends never show love to each other, they do things that reflect the love that has for you.

However, fake friends might show fake love and concern for you but will make lame excuses when you genuinely need them.

3. True Friends Will Always Have Each Other's Back

If you are stuck in the midst of an argument, your true friends will throw themselves in the argument as well. They will make sure to receive equal scoldings or beatings for that matter. They also share the accusations. Also, if someone speaks negative about you, your true friends will make sure to knock down the person and will tell about your originality.

But fake friends won't do the same. They might join the one who criticises you and mock you. Also, they might choose to stay quiet when someone else criticises you for no reason.

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4. True Friends Will Know Darkest Secrets Of Each Other

True friends will know all your secrets and will make sure to keep those secrets hidden. They will never gossip about your secrets. They know how you behaved when you got drunk and are also aware of your breakup stories. For this, you don't have to speak your heart out as they can understand what you are going through without having to say in the first place.

However, fake friends won't take your secrets seriously and might gossip about it. They might make fun of moments that are special to you.

5. True Friends Will Always Find Time For You

The moment you need someone to hear your agony and rant, your true friends will listen to you attentively. All you need to do is just text or call your true friends. They will surely reach out to you irrespective of the important work they have been doing.

Whereas, in the case of your fake friends, you won't be a priority and they will consider their respective work to be more important.

6. True Friends Will Take Care Of Your Family If Need Be

Your true friends will consider your family as their own. Your parents will also find your true friends to be the right companions for you. However, with fake friends, your family won't be so compatible and will ask you to spend less time with them.

Fake friends might be good with their words but their intention behind their every action could be vindictive. Also, they prefer to stay away from your family so that people who are close to you don't find about their true intentions.

7. True Friends Will Be Your Partners In Any Crime

Your true friends will always be your crime partner. They will always drag you in something crazy and quirky. Doesn't matter if you are planning a prank or going on a night out, you and your true friends can always count on each other.

The same can't happen with fake friends. Your instinct won't allow you to be with them and they will never accompany you in any craziness. Moreover, if something wrong happens, fake friends will put the blame on you.

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Friends are an integral part of our lives. They make us feel lively and happy. But it is quite important to recognise who you can trust. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose your friends wisely and discard the fake ones from your life or at least deal with them accordingly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 9:38 [IST]
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