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8 Subtle Signs That Will Tell You If Your Partner Is A Creep

A relationship is meant to make a person feel happy and loved, but who knows if your relationship turns out to be a creepy one? For that reason, you may be dating a creepy person. No doubt, a person who is creepy can be really annoying to others.

Initially, you may not notice that the person you are seeing is creepy. For that reason, he or she may be kind and behave in a decent manner. However, there are certain signs that can help you in knowing if you are dating a creepy person. For example, you may have a gut feeling that something isn't right or you may get annoyed when you find he or she constantly looking at you, even at odd times.

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So, if you are going through a similar situation then scroll down to find some signs that can help you in knowing if your partner is creepy.

1. The Person Is A Stalker

This person becomes more of a detective and less of a partner. They have trust issues and simply, for this reason, they like to keep a track of every activity of their partner. From checking their messages to browsing through your browser history, their partner is always under scrutiny and for no reason. And no, this is not normal! Stalking is never okay and it can bring a dead end to a relationship.

2. The Person Always Stops You From Doing Things

It is quite obvious for people to give their opinions out of concern when their potential partner is up to something new. You need to check if your potential partner is always trying to overpower you or control your decisions? Is he or she ready to enforce his or her decisions on you? Are you being criticised for your choices and opinions? Well, then it can be a sign of a creepy partner.

If you feel quite confident about something and prefer doing it in your own way, then you don't have to worry about the opinions of the one you have been seeing for a while.

3. The Person Criticises Your Friends Constantly

People often introduce their friends to the person they are dating. It can be possible that your partner doesn't like some of your friends as he or she may not know completely about your friends. But, if you find your partner criticising your friends for everything and every time then it is a sign that you are dating a wrong person or someone who is judgemental about others always.

If your friends make you feel happy, motivate you to achieve your goals, support you in your hardships and have your back in crisis, then you need not worry and say goodbye to your creepy partner.

4. The Person Asks You To Share Pictures All The Time

During the beginning of a romantic relationship, people often tend to share their pictures with their partners because they miss them and it is normal to do something like this. In fact, they make sure their pictures are worth sharing. However, if you have started seeing someone and the person always asks you to share your picture with him or her to check where you are at the present moment or verify if you are lying to them then just stay away from that person. Without trust and faith, no relationship can exist.

5. The Person Doesn't Understand Your 'Personal Space'

Doesn't matter if you have just entered in a relationship or planning to enter a relationship, you always have the right to keep your personal space intact. You should be able to happily enjoy your personal space. But, if your partner always tries to hinder your personal space and consider it as a normal thing then you can take it as a sign of creepiness.

6. The Person Asks You To Share Your Social Media Credentials

At times, couples may share their social media credentials out of love and show how much they trust each other. However, it is totally up to you to decide if you want to share your social media credentials with your partner or not.

Moreover, it doesn't mean that being in a relationship or going on a date with someone means to share their credentials. If you are not willing to share the access details of your social media account with your partner, then it is absolutely okay.

But if your partner is compelling you to share your access details, then it is better to re-evaluate your choice.

7. The Person Is Into Too Much Of Public Display Of Affection

Everybody likes to show their love and affection towards their partners. Initially, the public display of affection or what we call 'PDA' can be pleasing for both of you. But, if the intention behind doing this is the insecurity of your partner, then you need to rethink your relationship. But, even after you have asked your partner to maintain a distance, not touch you in a manner you feel uncomfortable and he/she fails to do so, then it can be a sign that your partner is a creep.
Also, if the person you are on a date has started touching you without your consent than just step out of your relationship.

8. The Person Doesn't Understand The Meaning Of 'No'

If your partner is too dumb to understand what 'no' means then it is better that you get rid of that person. Be it, constantly touching you here and there, criticising your friends or handling your social media account, they don't know when to stop. I,f you find that your partner not listening to what you say and is repeating the same thing every time, then you need to reconsider your choice.

Also, if after listening to a 'NO' from you, he/she behaves differently or becomes furious every time, even if you are right then it can be a sign that you should move on and get rid of that creep for once and all!

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