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7 Things That You Will Be Able To Relate To If You Have The Best Roommate(s) Ever

Do you love sharing each and every detail of your life with your roommate? Is your roommate generous to you when it comes to lending money and clothes? Is your roommate protective towards you and share the blame by neighbours and landlords? Then probably you have the best roommate ever.

We live in a world, where people are more interested in a blame game rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. Especially, if you are staying away from your home and sharing your room with someone who is not your friend, things can be challenging at times. Because of compatibility issues, most of the time, one or the other roommate starts complaining about each other as they struggle to get along, therefore, having a good roommate is no less than a boon.

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So if you are the one who has a good roommate, then here are a few things that you will agree to.

1. They Will Gel Easily With Your Friends

Having good roommates means to have mutual friends as well. In no time, you and your roommates will establish companionship with each other's friends. Your friends are well aware of your roommates and the bond you share with them. Also, none of you feel awkward while hanging out with each other's friends.

2. Their Wardrobe Is Yours

What could be better than sharing clothes and other things with your roommates? Instead of figuring out what to wear for the party, you can always take clothes and shoes from your roommates' wardrobe or ask for their suggestions. They never show their disagreement over this and prefer to be your stylist at times.

3. They Know How To Make You Smile

In order to know your mood, all they need to do is just look at your face and they will understand what you are going through. They know how to lighten up your mood and make you feel happy. Even in the hardest time, your roommates will never leave you alone. They will encourage you to achieve your goals.

4. Awkwardness Flies Out Of The Window

If you and your roommates are comfortable while changing clothes in front of others, then it is a sign that you are living with the best roommates. You never feel the need to switch off the lights for changing clothes as neither you nor your roommates feel shy in front of others. In fact, you never fail to complement each other's new undergarments at times.

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5. They Give You The Best Advice

Right from career advice to suggesting what to wear for the party, you can have all sorts of advice from your roommates. They know what will look best on you and what skills can help you in your career. Also, they can give you better advice when it comes to relationships and dating.

6. They Never Fail To Take Good Care Of You

One of the best things about having a good roommate is that you will always have someone to take better care of you. They will make sure to cure your fever and cold by giving medicines on time. They will also make sure to bring your favourite chocolate and ice creams during your painful period cramps.

7. They Prepare Healthy Meals For You

If your roommates know your appetite, diet, food cravings and always surprises you by making your favourite recipes. No doubt it is a sign that you are living with best roommates ever. Even if they don't know how to cook, they give their best shot when it comes to cooking meals for you. Also, they will sense your desire to eat something and will make sure to order your favourite food without asking you.

8. They Always Have Your Back

When your landlord blames you for something, your roommates stand for you and also have your back. They never leave your side. They even stand beside you and share the pain. Also, they will make sure to defend you from any kind of allegations.

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No doubt, having a good roommate(s) is a blessing. With each passing day, you may develop a strong bond with your roommate(s) that will stay for a lifetime. If you have such a roommate(s), then share this story with them and let them know how much you value them.

Story first published: Thursday, October 10, 2019, 10:45 [IST]
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