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7 Signs That Tell If He Isn’t Interested In A Second Date With You

First dates always make us anxious and nervous. This is because they are usually the hardest ones. After all, people are always on their toes to make a good impression on their date partner and avoid any sort of mistake. Meeting someone for the first time with a vision of finding a potential partner in him/her may make you wonder what he/she must be feeling about you.

Being a woman, you may be eager to know what he felt about you on the first date and if he is interested in a second date with you. If you felt that he wasn't happy from the first date and isn't showing any signs of considering you as a good partner, then this could be because he doesn't want to go on a second date with you. To be sure about his feelings and dis-interest in going on a second date with you, scroll down the article to read more.


1. He Ended The Date Too Early

If you spent no more than 30-40 minutes together and found him trying to end the date too soon, then this could be a red flag. Even if you tried to continue the date for a bit longer and he tried otherwise then it could be because the date didn't seem to be what he expected. As a result, he would least want to go on a second date with you.


2. He Doesn’t Mention Of Second Date

Not mentioning any possible second date is itself another tell-tale sign that he is not interested in you. People often ask for going on another date while ending the date. But if he hasn't mentioned this and didn't agree to go on a second date when you asked him, then this shows that he is no longer interested in you.


3. He Doesn’t Text You Later

It could be possible that couples do not feel comfortable enough to talk properly on their first date. Due to this, they interact with each other through texts and calls after the first date. But if he hasn't texted you yet or isn't replying to your messages and ignoring your calls, then this shows that he may not be interested in the second date. Even if you didn't receive his calls or messages after days and weeks, then we would suggest you stop expecting a second date with him.


4. He Doesn’t Compliment You

People often compliment each other when they are on a date. They talk about each other's dynamic and attractive personalities. Not only this, but there are times when couples compliment each other through text messages. But if he doesn't compliment you either on the date or in the chats, then this could be a sign that he isn't interested in going on a second date with you.


5. He Shows Little To No Interest In You

What could be any other sign than seeing him showing little to no interest in you? He may not have stood up when you came or didn't ask to drop you home. In fact, he might have tried his best to avoid any eye-contact with you. If you are feeling that he wasn't mentally present on the first date and was looking forward to ending the date as soon as possible then this itself is a red flag.


6. He Avoids Talking About His Personal Life

There could be couples who may not discuss their personal life on their first date. These couples usually discuss their personal life over text after their first date or on their second date. But when you try to ask him about his personal life, he may avoid talking about the same. Not only this, but he may also not show any interest in knowing about your personal life.


7. He Makes Lame Excuses To Go On A Second Date

It could be possible that he didn't make the first move and texted you asking for the second date. But if it was you who made the first move for the second date and he always makes lame excuses, then this could be a sign that he isn't interested in a second date. No matter how hard you try, he would always make some excuses to avoid seeing you.

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