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12 Red Flags In A Relationship That You Must Never Ignore

When you start dating someone, you may find yourself lucky to have such a charming and dynamic person as your partner. You may feel to be on cloud nine and would never get tired of thinking about your partner. It would be no wrong to say that you are so caught up in the relationship that you may overlook some quirks which are as prominent as red flags flapping swiftly in the direction of the wind. These red flags when ignored for a long time can harm your relationship in a bad way. Therefore, it is better to acknowledge those red flags and save yourself from any sort of relationship issues.

In order to know what are those red flags that you must not ignore, scroll down to read more.

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1. Your Partner Never Gets Tired Of Self-Praise

It is good when your partner lets you know his/her achievements but if your partner is obsessed with self-praise, then there's something wrong for sure. No matter which topic you are talking about, your partner will always turn the conversation into self-praise. He/she will project himself/herself as a perfect person who has done many wonderful things in his/her entire lifetime. You will never find your partner acknowledging their mistakes as according to them, they have always been the best.


2. Your Partner Has Mood Swings Quite Often

It is advisable to be careful when you are dating someone who is quite moody and is never afraid to express his/her mood extremes. There are times when one may not be in a good mood due to work pressure, stress, etc. But if your partner changes from a happy person to an extremely depressed or aggressive person in just a blink of an eye, then you must not ignore this red flag. You need to understand that if your partner overreacts on every other thing, then this may affect you adversely.


3. Your Partner Is Never Ready To Compromise And Adjust

If it is you who always compromises or adjust, then it is better to walk away from such a relationship. In a relationship, it is necessary for both individuals to compromise in a positive way. Whether or not, your partner can compromise and adjust with you becomes evident in the initial phase of your relationship. You need to ask yourself questions about whether your partner is ready to bring some positive changes in him/her or will he/she accept your likes and dislikes?


4. Your Partner Doesn’t Want You To Meet His/Her Friends & Family

It is not that your partner will introduce you to his/her family in the very beginning of this relationship. It will surely take some time for you to know what else is in your partner's life. But if it's been a long since both of you entered the relationship and your partner still isn't in the mood to introduce you to his friends and family members, then you need to take this red flag into account.


5. Your Partner Never Believes In Having Personal Space

Whether or not you are in a relationship, you can always have your personal space. Check if your partner always intrudes in your personal space and wants to spend the entire time with you. Even if you have asked your partner to leave you alone for some time as you want to finish an important project or assignment, your partner doesn't listen to you. He/she will either nudge you, stand behind you, or will poke you in a platonic way to seek your attention. If this happens in your relationship, quite often then there is no wise in ignoring this red flag.


6. Your Partner Often Criticises You And Your Loved Ones

All of us have some flaws in ourselves as nobody is perfect. There will be times when your partner may get annoyed by your habits or choices but that doesn't mean he/she has the right to criticise you every now and then. If you find your partner criticising your thoughts, opinions, perspective and also loved ones all the time, then ignoring this red flag can have very bad consequences.

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7. Your Partner Is Quite Rude To Others

No matter how nicely your partner treats you but if your partner shows his/her rude side to others, then this is a red flag. This is because in the future your partner may behave rudely to you. Initially, you may not find your partner letting out his/her frustration at you but as the relationship grows older, things may become evident. For example, he/she may speak harsh words to you, especially when he/she is annoyed or frustrated.


8. Your Partner Often Rolls His/Her Eyes At You

Mutual respect is quite necessary for any relationship. Respecting each other's choices, opinions and perspectives is quite important to make a relationship healthy and happening. But if your partner often rolls eyes at you, especially when you are saying something important, then this shows he/she no more respects you. Ask yourself a question, how would you feel if your partner always ignores what you say and would pretend as if he/she is listening to you? Ignoring this red flag may create severe problems in your relationship.


9. Your Partner Doesn’t Maintain Fidelity In the Relationship

Fidelity is one of the most important ingredients to make a relationship strong and healthy. If you are not honest with your partner, you may never be able to develop trust in the relationship. Ask yourself, does your partner often tell lies or hide things from you? Is he/she keeping secrets from you and gives vague answers when you confront him/her. If yes, then ignoring this red flag will never gain you any positive thing but numerous problems.


10. Your Partner Has Cheated On Someone

Did your partner cheat on his/her ex-partner with you? Did he/she jump too soon in the relationship after cutting ties with his/her ex-partner? It is important for you to find out whether your partner has a history of cheating and deceiving people. This will benefit you and might save you from any heartbreak in the future. You may save yourself from being cheated on by your partner at some point in your relationship.


11. Your Partner Is Not Good With The Money

Money also plays a great important role in maintaining a healthy relationship. It is no less than a blessing when you and your partner are on the same page. But if your partner spends more than he/she brings home and never follows your suggestion to have some savings, then problems may raise their heads in the relationship. There can be a time when you and your partner may argue over money-related issues. You may not be able to handle any financial crisis or invest your money in something important.


12. Your Partner Has Either A High Or Low Libido Than You

Physical intimacy can never be ignored in any relationship. It is good that you and your partner enjoy your physical intimacy and always try new things to have an exciting sex life. But if your partner has a higher or low libido than you, then this is also a red flag that you must not ignore. Think about it: what if you want to explore your physical intimacy while your partner is reluctant to try out anything new and exciting. Or what if he/she is always ready to lay naked and make love, even if you are busy in something more important.

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We are not saying that you are in a wrong relationship. But it is better to understand your partner and figure out whether or not you are compatible with each other. Look for someone who maintains a proper balance of everything in the relationship. This way you will be able to have a happy and healthy relationship.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 12:30 [IST]