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Not Having A Girlfriend? Here Are The 11 Possible Reasons Behind It

If you are someone who never had any girlfriend, we are sure you might have thought of the reasons behind it. Some of you may have tried to seek your friends' help in getting to know girls around you. You may have gone on numerous dates and may have tried online dating platforms.

Even if you make a girlfriend, your relationship may not go for more than a few weeks or months. Instead of feeling disappointed and worthless, you need to figure out the reasons behind it. No, no, you don't have to search for the reasons in your browser. You can, in fact, go through the below-mentioned that will help you in knowing why you don't have any girlfriend.

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1. You Haven’t Come Across The Right Girl

This could be another reason why you are not having a girlfriend. You may not have met the kind of girl you want to have. For example, if you want to date someone who has a calm and gentle nature, you may not have come across any such girl. Or it could be possible that you are still not sure about your type. You may not be knowing what kind of girl you would like to be with.


2. You Are Surrounded By Various Insecurities

It is not that only you are the one who doesn't like a few things about yourself. There are many more such people. But that doesn't mean you will give more importance to your insecurities. Just because you are balding or have a short height, that doesn't mean you are worthless. Instead of worrying about the negative aspects of yourself, you can give more importance to things you are good at. For example, you may be intelligent, hardworking, humble and kind. So, there's no point in being surrounded by your insecurities.


3. You Often Judge Girls By Their Physical Appearance

Just because a girl seemed a bit funny or weird to you, that doesn't mean you can judge her. You should not make assumptions about someone on the basis of their physical appearance. If you are meeting a girl for the first time and comment on her physical appearance that seems to be mean, then you are out of the league. You may not be able to impress the girl, forget about being in the relationship.


4. You Are Too Picky When It Comes To Dating

If you have an unrealistic picture of the perfect girl in your mind and you want to have her in reality, then this also could be one of the reasons why you do not have any girlfriend. Nobody is perfect and it is better that you accept this fact as soon as possible. Expecting too many good features in a girl that you meet is going to make you disappointed for sure. It is essential for you to step out of your unrealistic expectations and be open to whomsoever you meet.


5. You Often Bully Other People

Bullying others for the sake of making fun and enjoying can really take a toll on your life. The last thing that anybody would like to do is to date a bully. So, if you have the habit of bullying others or mocking them for their physical appearance or other things, then it's high time when you must leave this habit. Try to be a humble person as girls like men who are humble, kind and decent.


6. You Try Too Hard To Be The Perfect Guy

As we mentioned above, nobody is born perfect, you don't have to present yourself as the perfect guy. It is okay to make mistakes and be a bit clumsy at times. Instead of trying too hard to be a perfect man, you can try not to repeat the mistakes and work on your weak areas. You can try to incorporate good habits and polish your skills. Moreover, try not to get disappointed when something goes in the wrong way. Instead, think of ways in which you can make things better.


7. You Are Way Too Shy To Make The First Move

If you are an introvert, then it is possible that you may face some problems in getting a girlfriend. Step out of your comfort zone and meet people. If you have developed some feelings for a girl and you feel she is too enjoying your companionship, then you need to be vocal about your feelings. Let her know how you feel about her and want to spend more and more time with her. Try to be a sociable person and once you hit the bull's eye, things will get better.


8. You Are Too Engrossed In Your Work

Your dedication towards work and crazy work hours can also be one of the reasons why you do not have any girlfriend. You need to understand that there is a world that exists beyond your laptop screen and office files. It is good that you want to make your career but if you are willing to have a girlfriend, then it is important that you try to steal some time from your work.


9. You Complain Too Often

Who would like to date a complainer and cry-baby? This is definitely one of the biggest turn-offs that may leave you without any girlfriend. You may have numerous problems in your life that may seem to make your life miserable and dull. But you don't have to rant about it in front of every girl that you meet. Nobody would always like to listen to your sad stories. You need to focus on some positive aspects of life and stop complaining about things.


10. You Do Not Work On Your Body

Just as you want to be with a good looking girl with a healthy and fit body, girls too like men who are fit and healthy. We are not saying that you need to look like an actor or a model. But staying fit and healthy will never harm you. Working out regularly and maintaining a healthy diet will not only help you in having a good physique but will also make you confident.


11. You Are Too Eager To Get Laid

If you are someone who is always eager to get laid as soon as you meet any girls, then there's a good chance that you may not have a girlfriend. Asking the girl to come over your place or passing hints about making out will ruin your chances to have a girlfriend. No girl would like to date a guy who is ever ready to get under the sheets in the first few meetings.

We hope that these above-mentioned reasons will help you in analysing why you are not able to get any girlfriend. It is advisable that you improve yourself and bring some positive changes. But above all, you need to learn to love yourself and feel confident.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 16:15 [IST]
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