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Is Your Partner Pocketing You? Know All About Pocketing In Relationships

Pockets are so useful, aren't they? After all, they help you in keeping things hidden and safe. At times, you may want to ensure that people don't see the money or any confidential thing that you might be carrying.

This is when a pocket comes in handy. But do you know that there's a term known as Pocketing when it comes to dating and relationships? If you are already thinking of browsing this term to understand what it means, hold on. We are here to tell you what Pocketing is and how to spot if it's going on in your relationship.


What Is Pocketing?

The person you are in a relationship with tries to avoid all sorts of ways of introducing you to his/her family, friends and colleagues. In simpler terms, your partner does things to make the relationship non-existent. Your partner won't even try to acknowledge you as his/her girlfriend or boyfriend in front of the world. This is what we call Pocketing.

Even though you and your partner spend time together and go on numerous dates, your partner won't accept the same in the public. He/she may hesitate to make the relationship official. Now you may doubt your partner's intentions. You may think that he/she isn't serious about you or is cheating on you. But when it comes to pocketing, things can be different.

The reason why your partner is pocketing you could be that he/she is ensuring if you are the one. Before making the big announcement, your partner may want to become sure if you are really the one, he/she wants to be with. Therefore, your partner could be spending time with you and trying to know you. Or maybe, your partner is just afraid of how people would react when they come to know that you are together. It could be that your partner is waiting for the right time to introduce you as his/her better half.

Now that you have known what pocketing is but how do you spot one if it ever happens in a relationship, you're in? Finding out if someone is pocketing you could be a tricky thing. But then we have some signs that would help you Know better.


1. Your Partner Makes Excuses For Not Introducing You To Close Ones

The moment you confront him/her for not introducing you to his/her close ones, you'll hear some excuses. For example, your partner may say that he/she hardly knew them or he/she will introduce you in a better way. The only introduction that your partner gives is that you two are just friends and nothing more than that.


2. You Often Meet At Secluded Places

You and your partner may go on dates but not at popular or crowded places. Even if you try to meet him/her near his/her office or neighbourhood, he/she may ask you to behave as "friends". Your partner may insist you meet at secluded places just to ensure that no one sees the pair of you together. This could be because your partner is worried about the image he/she has among the people they know.


3. Your Partner Hasn’t Added You To His/Her Social Media Circle

This is another tell-tale sign that your partner is pocketing you. Your partner may try to maintain the secrecy of the relationship by avoiding you on all his/her social media platforms. he/she would make sure that neither of you posts the pictures of the two of you. In fact, he/she may not care to hit the like button or comment on your posts.


4. Your Partner Never Introduces You Properly

If you and your partner ever run into his/her friends, colleagues or relatives, he/she introduces you as a distant relative, friend or colleague. Your partner would avoid hugging you in front of people or won't greet you to make sure no one notices the intimacy between the two of you.


5. Your Partner Tries To Avoid Meeting People With You

If you have made some plans to go on a double date or take your partner to meet your friends, he/she will find some excuses to cancel the plan. In fact, your partner too would avoid inviting you to any event that would include his/her friends, family, colleagues and relatives. They would never take the initiative to organise anything that involves you as well.

We are not saying that your partner isn't interested in you. It could be that your partner is really concerned about how people would perceive your bond. Maybe your partner needs some time and courage to accept you publicly. You can try to be a supportive and help him/her in leaving behind the hesitation and taking a leap of faith.

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