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7 Reasons How Your Parents Can Cause Conflict In Your Relationship

Every relationship goes through a dry phase where couples might feel uncomfortable and look for solutions to solve their conflicts. In such a case, couples might prefer talking to someone who can help them to solve the problem and make things better. But, if your partner has the habit of sharing every secret with his/her parents then this might take a toll on your relationship.

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Let us check out the reasons why through which excess involvement of parents can ruin a relationship.

1. By Intruding Your Privacy

There can be a situation where parents might breach your privacy by directly reaching out to your spouse/partner. In most cases, it is done with good intent as they want to give some suggestions for running a relationship in a better manner. But sometimes parents might involve other family members and relatives in this as well. This in return can be really disappointing at times.

2. Being Too Much 'Attached' To Their Children

There is no doubt that parents love their children the most. Parents out of concern might be too much attached to their children and would look after their every need. They won't bear their children getting hurt due to any reasons. But, that can be problematic when their son or daughter has a spouse or a partner. Never leaving their children's side can have a negative impact in the long run.

3. Using Money As A Weapon

Money related issues can lead to a huge problem between the couples especially if the couple is unable to earn well. In that case, some parents try their best to help their children.

They would try to send some money so that you and your partner won't have a tough time. But, this might not go well with your partner and might even upset him or her as it sends a message that your partner is financially incapable of taking care of you. Further, some parents do this to manipulate and control the lifestyle and relationship of their children.

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4. Having Too Many Expectations

We know that expectation hurts because asking someone to behave in a way that we feel is right, is not okay at all and next to impossible. Parents always have expectations from their children.

They might develop expectations from you and your partner such as having kids or buying a house or a car. They will constantly ask you to fulfil their expectations and this might make you feel trapped at some point in your lives or the other.

5. Making Frequent Complaints

If your parents do not like your partner, they might complain about your partner's behaviour or habits every now and then. This can make your partner feel upset and disappointed. As a result, you and your partner might go through a bad phase where you won't understand how to deal with your parents and your partner.

6. Imposing Decisions

Sometimes parents might impose their decisions on you and your partner thinking it will be beneficial for both of you. They might ask you to move to a particular place thinking that you and your partner will have a great future ahead.

Moreover, they might impose their cultural beliefs and traditions on both of you. This can lead to unwanted conflicts between you and your partner.

7. Paying Frequent Visits

Even if everything seems to be perfect, parents might show up at your place quite frequently stating that they wanted to check if things were going well. Their frequent visits might hamper your privacy and free time at your weekends where you could have enjoyed some intimate and romantic moments with your partner. Also if things don't go well between your partner and your parents, then the frequent visit can lead to unwanted circumstances.

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Though there can be no substitute for parents and family always come first if you are in a relationship, it is necessary that a line is drawn and all your relationships are well balanced. No one deserves to feel neglected neither your parents nor your partner.

Story first published: Friday, November 15, 2019, 9:29 [IST]
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