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8 Things You Can Say To Your Partner And Make Them Feel Guilty For Cheating On You

What will be your first reaction when you find that your partner or spouse is cheating on you? No doubt, most of us will be quite angry, frustrated and heartbroken. You may want to confront your partner for cheating on you or feel like taking revenge because you feel hurt or betrayed.

At times, you may want to make your partner feel guilty for cheating on you, without letting him or her know that you are aware of the truth. In that case, we are here with some ideas or lines that you can throw at your partner and make him or her feel guilty for cheating on you, without letting them know that you know the truth.

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1. "I Trust You."

When you say this to your partner, you tend to show your faith and trust in them. Your partner will understand that since you do not doubt him or her, it is wrong to cheat on you. Also, he or she may turn loyal to you out of guilt.


2. “You Are The Best Person In This Whole World.”

People love when someone compliments them and make them feel special, especially when it is their partner. Also, your partner may feel proud to have you in his or her life. He or she will reconsider the reason for which he or she is cheating on you. Through this line, you will be able to compel him to give up his or her wrong deeds.


3. “You Are Not Like Any Other Guy/Girl”

By telling this to your partner, you are giving him or her a signal that you believe he or she is different from those who cheat. You can further say that 'it is good to have someone who is honest and trustworthy with their partner'. Your partner will be surprised and guilty after listening to this. He or she is going to regret cheating on you.


4. “I Know You Will Never Cheat On Me.”

The moment you use the 'cheat' word, your partner will be taken aback and will realise how strongly you trust him or her. Also, your partner will feel lucky to have you as a partner. He or she will feel guilty to have cheated on you and will make sure to put an end to the cheating episode.


5. “If You Ever Cheat On Me, I Won't Be Able To Trust Anyone Anymore.”

This will surely make your partner realise what will you go through if you actually come to know that he or she is cheating on you. Moreover, this can be a subtle way of warning your partner. He or she will understand that once you get to know that he or she is cheating on you, your relationship will hit a dead end.


6. “What Will Be Your Reaction If I Ever Cheat On You?”

This is the question that will compel your partner or spouse to think about how does it feel to be cheated on by someone. This is because the moment you ask this question, your partner will imagine how it will feel if they were themselves cheated on by someone. There is no doubt, that he will surely consider his/ her thoughts before cheating on you.


7. “My Friend's Partner Is Cheating On Him/Her”

By mentioning this, you can let your partner know how will he/she feel after knowing that their friend has been cheated on by his or her partner. You can criticise people for cheating on their partners and can ask your partner's opinion on this. Trust us, your partner is going take a cue from this and will surely try his or her best to fix things in his/her relationship.


8. “You Are Loyal To Me, Aren’t You?”

You can ask a straightforward question to your partner if you doubt that they are cheating on you. You can also ask this question if your partner comes home late at night, doesn't allow you to go through his or her phone or stays busy on their phone always and hardly spends time with you. As soon as you ask this question, your partner will be taken aback and may regret cheating on you.

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Apart from this, it is also essential to understand that you cannot forcefully make your partner love you if they have fallen out of love. So, you must not compromise on your self-respect when it comes to saving your relationship but, yes, you can give your partner one chance to make things better.

Story first published: Monday, January 20, 2020, 15:05 [IST]