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8 Tips To Increase Intimacy When You Grow Old

Finding it hard to raise your love hormone (oxytocin) or matching your sex drive? Aging brings numerous changes in a human body and therefore, it affects your sex life as well.

Since there's no age limit to indulge in physical intimacy with your partner, we have listed eight tips to bring the spark back in your relationship.


1. Talk About Your Feelings

Issues can be solved in an easy manner if you and your partner are having honest and effective communication. [1] Due to old age, you and your partner may have hearing problems and this may lead to some misunderstandings. Therefore, it is better that both of you sit together and have some effective communication. You can also express your fantasies and sexual desires. This way both of you will be able to discover each other's likes and dislikes.


2. Indulge In Physical Exercises

Since old age itself brings many problems, you can keep yourself fit through regular exercise. It is always a good idea to keep your sex life healthy and satisfying by working on your body. [2] There are many exercises that can help you to stay fit and in shape. Sex is also a physical activity and it can become more pleasurable if you are fit and healthy. [3] There are many exercises through which you can boost up your stamina and feel energetic.


3. Work On Strengthening Your Emotional Bond

Before working on your sexual intimacy, it is highly important for you to work on your emotional intimacy. [4] This is because intimacy is not only about having an orgasm or having a lovemaking session. It is also about making your partner feel comfortable and special and staying emotionally connected. For this, both of you can try hugging and kissing each other. If possible, you can also bathe together and enjoy the cosy and warm moments. In addition to this, you can give each other a comfortable and relaxing massage.

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4. Be More Romantic For Your Partner

Remember your honeymoon and recreate it. This can be a great boost to your sex life. Even if you didn't go on a honeymoon, you can now think of going on it. Love and romance are capable of making your sex life wonderful and therefore, it is always advisable to be romantic and shower love upon your partner. [4] You can talk sweet nothings to each other or write letters to each other. Also, you can also bring flowers and surprise each other with some heartfelt gifts.


5. Count Each Day

The best thing that you can ever give to your partner is your time and attention. The responsibilities and never-ending work may have not allowed you to spend more time with your partner but it is never too late. At this point in life, you can start spending more time with your partner. For this, both of you can either go on a vacation or join some yoga classes and learn meditation. Let your partner know how important he or she is in your life. Also, you can think of utilising every single moment to spend with your partner and make them feel loved.


6. Try New Things

With the growing age, you will experience pain in several body parts. This can also lead to a situation where you are no longer able to enjoy a few sex positions, you were fond of. In that case, you can try some comfortable sex positions. For this, you need to figure out which position is comfortable and pleasurable for both of you. Apart from this, you can also think of including sex toys such as a blindfold or a tickler. This way you will be able to spice up your lovemaking sessions.


7. Engage More Often In Foreplay

We have no ounce doubt that foreplay is one of the best ways for having an enjoyable and exciting sex life. It is a way that will help you to know your partner's desires and fantasies without going into the actual thing. You can try touching, kissing and seducing your partner in a way that brings satisfaction to both of you.


8. Try Morning Sex

Who said you can indulge in lovemaking only at night? Make love to your partner whenever you want to. Be it day or night and trust us your partner will never complain of too much sex.

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Aging is inevitable but that doesn't mean you cannot increase your sexual intimacy with your partner. You can still embrace aging and make your sex life interesting.