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10 Ways To Digitally Disconnect From Your Ex-Partner After A Breakup

Breakups are never easy for one and in a lifetime there is a possibility that your heart has been broken too many times. Getting over your partner in the real-world may be easier when compared to the same in the virtual world. This is because you and your ex-partner will be undoubtedly connected with each other on social media. In case, you are finding some difficulties in cutting ties with your ex-partner after a breakup, then scroll down to know how you digitally disconnect with him or her.

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1. Avoid Calling Your Ex-Partner Often

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is avoid taking calls from your ex-partner. You need to understand that your relationship has ended and if you have already decided to move on with your life, then look back is not a good thing to do. Make sure you neither call your ex nor you take his or her calls. Calling your ex-partner or taking his or her calls will give them a message that there are still some chances of reconciliation. Thus, you may not be able to digitally disconnect with your ex-partner.


2. Reduce Chatting With Your Ex-Partner

Since you are neither calling your ex nor taking up his or her calls, your ex may try to reconnect with you through messages. Rather than replying to your ex as soon as he or she texts you, try to limit chatting with your ex. Else it may indicate that you are not ready to move on and want to fix things. In case, you are willing to retain the friendship after the breakup, make sure you do the same after a significant pause.


3. If Possible, Block Their Numbers

After the breakup, you may be feeling resentful and heartbroken. You may feel like never talking to your ex-partner again. In that case, you can block your partner and there's nothing wrong with it. If you are willing to move on, then you have to sever everything that is pulling you back from moving forward. And one way to do it by blocking his or her number, which will actually help you.


4. Unfollow Or Block Your Ex-Partner On Social Media

Another step that you need to take in order to digitally disconnect with your partner is by not following him or her on social media platforms. Remember out of sight, out of mind! No matter how many social media platforms you were connected before, simply remove or block him/her. This will also help you to move forward and who knows may give you a chance to come across new people?


5. Don’t Keep In Touch With Your Ex’s Friends

If you are thinking about removing your ex-partner from your contact, then you need to think twice. It is possible that your ex reaches up to you through his or her friends. He or she may try to persuade you through their friends and may come back in your life. Therefore, it will be better if you unfriend and unfollow his or her friends as well on social media platforms.


6. Change The Password Of Your Social Media Account

There are many couples who let each other to access their respective online and social media accounts. In such a case, you need to change the password of your social media or financial accounts so that your ex-partner doesn't have any access to them. You don't have to worry about what your partner may think of you. Moreover, it is always up to you if you want to change your accounts' credentials and for this, you don't have to seek his or her permission.


7. Deny Access To Your Pictures And Videos

There are many online applications that can help you in storing your pictures and videos. In that case, if you have allowed your ex to have access to your pictures and videos, then it is better to deny access. In addition to this, if you had uploaded the pictures of you and your ex-partner but aren't ready to delete those pictures yet, then you can archive them.


8. Avoid Sharing Each Other's Location

There are couples who prefer sharing their locations with each other. They do so keep each other well informed about their locations. If you and your ex-partner did the same, then now you can stop sharing your location with your ex-partner. Since both of you aren't together anymore and have decided to move on, you can put an end on sharing and tracking each other's live location.


9. Mute Their Chats

If you find it difficult to resist the chats of your ex-partner from clicking on the message sent by your ex as soon as you receive a notification, then you can mute the chat. It may become difficult for people to avoid the messages of someone they have loved so dearly in the past, but one also needs to understand it is necessary to do it if you were in an unhealthy relationship.


10. Avoid Taking Video Calls Of Your Ex-Partner

If you think declining the request for a meeting will make your ex-partner realise that there is no chance of reconciliation, then think again. They may try to contact you over video calls, but it is best to not respond. Your ex-partner may try to persuade you through this to come back to him/her. But if you have already decided not to return back to your ex-partner, then you can decline their video calls.

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Probably there is nothing that can soothe a broken heart quickly, but we all can learn from our past experiences and move forward. Digitally disconnecting from your ex-partner may be difficult depending on the amount of time you both have spent together, but it is also necessary that you don't get stuck in the past.