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These 12 Tips Will Point Out Why And When It Becomes Necessary To Break Up With Your Partner

Ending a relationship with someone is never easy. It becomes tougher when you do not want to hurt your partner's sentiments. While ending your relationship, you may give various reasons that made you take the decision of breaking up. During this situation, the partner who is at the receiving end might be hurt badly. He or she might be shocked with the break-up. However, it is not that the person who is breaking up is immune to the consequences and emotional breakdown.

Therefore, you need to be quite careful if you are thinking to end your relationship with your partner. At times it is necessary because it can save you from an emotional breakdown and the gloominess which comes post break up. Fret no more as we have listed down a few tips that can help you to end your relationship with your partner.

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1. Think Wisely Before You Make A Move

Before breaking up with your partner, it is better to have clarity. You need to think if you really want to end the relationship. If yes, then what is the reason (s) behind this.

It should not be some irrelevant reasons like your partner is lazy, doesn't calls you too often or isn't humorous. Also, if you are attracted to someone else and feel that you should now end your relationship as some other guy/girl is better than your partner, then chuck these reasons.

If your partner truly cares for you, does things to ensure your safety and happiness, then it is totally pointless to end the relationship.


2. Choose A Proper Time

You should wait for the right time to break up. For example, if your partner is ill, has exams or is going through a tough time, then wait for things to settle down. You may feel anxious to end the relationship as soon as possible but taking your partner's current situation into account won't harm you. Else the consequences can be unexpected and worse.


3. Avoid Break Ups Over Calls Or Texts

Many couples end their relationship over calls or texts as they find it as a feasible option for not facing their partner but this is not a good thing to do. Rather than breaking over the call or text, it is better to end the relationship in person. This will show that the relationship was actually important for you. You can call your partner and ask to meet so that both of you can break up on good terms.


4. Choose A Private And Calm Place

After you have decided to meet your partner and then break up, then you can surely choose a private place to talk and discuss the matter. This will save you from the embarrassment that both of you may have when several pairs of eyes will be watching you. Also, both of you will be exposed to each other's honest emotions which may arise after you make the first move towards the break-up. Your partner may ask you for the reason behind your decision, again and again, therefore being in a private or a calm place will help.


5. Discuss It With Your Partner First

After both of you meet, make sure you talk in a straightforward way. Rather than giving blind hints and struggling to say what's in your mind, take deep breaths and discuss the matter with your partner.

You can tell your partner why you feel the 'relationship isn't working'. Maybe your partner can suggest some ways in which both of you can save the relationship or end it in a better way. There is no denying that your partner will feel sad and disappointed over this, but you need to make sure both of you have an effective discussion.


6. Express Your Thoughts And Feelings Honestly

While you are discussing with your partner on the breakup, you need to be honest about your feelings and thoughts. No doubt, your partner may get emotional after knowing that you are ending the relationship, but it is better to not fake your emotions. If you do not want to stay in the relationship, no matter what then do not pretend to be interested in staying in the relationship. This is so because you will be eventually hurting your partner once he or she comes to know about the truth.

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7. Give Some Concrete Reasons

It is better to present some concrete and strong reasons that led to the end of the relationship. Giving silly reasons like your partner doesn't call you quite often, doesn't take you on vacation, wears clothes that you hate, doesn't cook well, isn't funny or stays awake late at night are completely irrelevant. These problems can be solved when discussed with each other.

Reasons like you caught your partner cheating on you, mocking you every now and then, misbehaving with you in public or forcing you for having physical relation can be strong reasons for ending the relationship.


8. Avoid Being Rude And Vague

Breaking up with your partner doesn't mean that you can be rude and vague with your partner. You might be happy for getting rid of the toxic relationship (if it was actually toxic) but laughing or smiling during that time is certainly not a polite thing to do. Try to reflect appropriate emotions and remain kind.


9. Listen To What Your Partner Has To Say

While you have expressed your thoughts and decision, it is advisable to let your partner do the same. Listen to what he or she says to you. Maybe he or she wants to seek forgiveness for what he or she did to you. Therefore, make sure you are not interrupting your partner. But if you feel that he or she is speaking something which is wrong and unethical then you can ask him or her to stop saying so.


10. Stay Calm And Patient

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the emotions and words of your partner, try to stay calm and patient. This can solve matters quickly. You need to understand that breaking up is not easy neither for you nor for your partner. Your partner may try his or her best to stop you from ending the relationship and giving it another chance.

In such a situation, try not to be angry or aggressive as this may worsen the situation. You can pacify your partner and ask him or her to stay strong.


11. Be Responsible For Your Own Decision

You need to acknowledge your decision and take responsibility. Rather than blaming other people, you need to understand that it was your decision as well. There could have been some circumstances that led to the break up in your relationship, but then you should be ready to take your own responsibility after the break-up. Whatever happens to you post break-up, it should be your own responsibility.


12. Make It Clear To Avoid Confusion

While you are ending the relationship with your partner, make sure you are clear about it. For this, you need to avoid contacting your partner every now and then. Once you have called it off, it won't be an advisable thing to call your partner the other moment and ask if he or she is doing good or not. You need to give some time to let things settle down. The more you feel concerned, the slower will be the recovery from the emotional breakdown.

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In addition to this, you need to understand that break up can affect a person badly, especially if the other person was quite serious for you. It is good to put back your scattered relationship together but if it is becoming a burden on you and your peace of mind is at stake, then it is better to come out of it. Therefore, avoid entering into a rebound relationship the moment you break up and have compassion in your heart. Who knows, true may again find you!

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