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8 Tips To Avoid Getting Friend Zoned By The Girl You Like

Have you ever developed liking for the girl who sits beside you in the classroom? Do you want to make her your girlfriend, but you doubt and fear if she denies and friend zones you? At times you may develop feelings for someone but then the fear of rejection may haunt you.

Even though you try your best not to overthink, the anxiety level in you can increase to its highest. As a result, you may browse the internet and seek advice from your friends and colleagues.


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Well, don't fret anymore, we have listed down some tips that will help you.

1. Stop Being A 'Needy' Person

Love is a beautiful feeling and it is not meant to cripple you. Before trying to make her your girlfriend, you need to understand love is not a thing to be begged for. You don't have to beg her for loving you back. It is a good thing to have feelings for someone, but forcing or begging someone to fall in love with you is totally unacceptable. Let your feelings make her fall in love with you.

2. Don't Be Too Clingy

Nobody likes to have someone who is emotionally unavailable or unstable. If you are being a cry baby and want your crush to pacify you every time then this might not work for you. Don't hover around her like a butterfly every now and then. Instead of being clingy, you should be focusing on your important work. For that reason, women like men who work hard and are serious about their career.


3. Avoid Being 'Always Available'

Texting her all the time and being always available will send her a signal that you have no other work and you are an idle person. Your girl might consider you as a lazy person who does has nothing to do. No doubt it is a good thing to help her in her hard times but keeping your work aside all the time can send a wrong signal to her.

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4. Don't Text/Call Her Too Often

If you text her 'good morning', 'good evening' and 'goodnight' every other day, you need to put a brake on it. It is a good gesture to greet her but, also wait and see whether she does the same for you. This way you can know if she is really interested in you or not. If yes, then she will definitely text you or will ask your whereabouts.

Remember you are not her parents or sibling for that matter that you have to call her every time to check if she reached home safely or if she is doing well or not.

5. Be Passionate For Your Career

As said above, women love hardworking men. When you are passionate about your career, the girl will surely consider you as a potential partner because let's be practical. Having job security is essential. A girl will look for someone who is willing to have a flourishing career. The girl will also feel that you are a responsible person.

6. Be Interesting And Not Serious Always

When you are simply yourself, you can make memories that you can cherish forever. While both of you hang out and if you speak nothing or show no interest in doing anything, the girl may consider you as a bad option when it comes to opting for a relationship with. You need to have some hobbies and passions. Reading some good books can also help you with this. You can also talk about some interesting scientific researches and facts.

7. Dress Smartly And Look Presentable

If you want the girl of your dreams to see you as a potential partner, then you need to work on your body and fashion sense as well. For this, you don't have to own wonderful biceps and six-packs. But you need to stay fit and healthy. Comb your hair, brush your teeth and trim your nails before you step out to meet her. While you wear clothes, make sure they are clean and tidy. Wearing expensive clothes and perfume won't attract girls, but a presentable look and simplicity will surely win their hearts.

8. Enjoy Your Life

Apart from everything, you need to enjoy your life. Now that doesn't mean to have parties and trips throughout the year. You need to be happy with what you have. You should sound happy and energetic while you meet people, especially the girl you like. Everyone gets upset and stressed at a point of time, but carrying a dull and gloomy face wherever and whenever you go is not at all good. Nobody likes to date a crying baby.

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Relationships work well only when two people mutually decide to make it work. It is not necessary that if you love someone, the person has to love you back. Everyone has their choices and you must respect that.

Story first published: Monday, November 4, 2019, 15:05 [IST]
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