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Friendship Day 2021 Exclusive: Real-Life People Talk About Their Friends

Friends are so important in our lives. They are the ones who know us well and help us seethe world with different perspectives. It would be no mistake to say that they are the family we choose. To celebrate this spirit of love, emotion and affection, we observe Friendship Day every year on the second Sunday in the month of August. This year the date falls on 1 August 2021.

This year we tried reaching out to some people, asking their equation with their friends. They have shared a few words on the same. Scroll down the article to read more.

1. 'My Friends Are Experts At Playing Pranks.'

Neha (26), who stays in Gurgaon and is a software engineer by profession always looks forward to celebrating Friendship Day with her friends. This year, while recalling some of the moments spent with her friends, she says, 'Nothing in this world can stop my friends from playing pranks. They are always up to something and can't sit quietly for a long time. Their silly pranks make me lively and happy.'

For Neha, her friends matter a lot and she thinks she has got the best ever friends. 'Though my friends are the craziest people I know, I think they are the best. At times, I feel I have been blessed with some of the best people in the world,' she adds further.

2. 'I Have Got The Weirdest Friends.'

Most of us have got friends who are quite weird and funny. They will do certain things others would avoid doing. Raj (31), who works as a Social Media Marketing Manager at a Bengaluru based firm says, 'I have got the weirdest friends in this world. They will do exactly the opposite of what's being told to them. If I ask them to stay quiet while I attend an important call, they will imitate the voices of monkeys, cats and parrots.'

'They won't hesitate from behaving as if they have come straight from jail. They do so to annoy me but perhaps, they don't know, I love being with them,' Raj says further.

3. 'My Best Friend Is No Less Than A Drama Queen.'

One cannot deny that at times, friends do things to get our attention and get their wishes fulfilled. For example, they would throw tantrums just to convince us for a trip they have planned. Shivani, a 27-year-old Quality Engineer from Bihar says, 'My best friend is a drama queen. One day, after I came from the office, I saw her sitting sad and looking pale. When I asked her, she said, 'This is how I would be, if you don't come to the pub with me'.'

Shivani further says, 'Once she started throwing tantrums, after I denied river-rafting. She went on to make me swear on literally everything on this planet. At last, I had to agree for river-rafting.'

4. 'Friends Make My Life Beautiful.'

23-year-old Amrita, a student from Delhi says, 'My friends play an important role in my life. They make my life beautiful. When they are around, I find myself happy and jovial. They have helped me a lot in evolving into a kind, strong and happy individual. I am really thankful to them.'

As per Amrita, she has learned a lot from her friends. They not only help her in studies but also in handling stress and problems. After all, true friends are those who help each other in being a better person.

5. 'Life Would Be So Boring Without Friends.'

A Graphics Designer by profession, 34-year-old Mayank says, 'My life is almost incomplete and boring without my friends. I just can't imagine living without them. They are the ones I look forward to spending my weekends with.'

'Not only this, but they are the ones I share my vulnerabilities and secrets with. They not only listen to me and my problems but also help me in coping with the same.'

Having friends who are caring, loving and supporting is no doubt the best feeling. After all, it is so good to have someone who doesn't belong to your actual family but still plays an important role in your life. This Friendship Day, make your friends feel loved and special by sharing this article with them. We hope you enjoy this day with your friends.

Happy Friendship Day !!!

Story first published: Friday, July 30, 2021, 17:14 [IST]
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